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When Hydrogen reacts (or burns) with Oxygen it forms a liquid compound called 'Hydrate,' which is more commonly known as water.

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Why is liquid oxygen used in space shuttles?

Because when hydrogen is burnt in oxygen - the only waste product is water !

What compound is formed when hydrogen is burnt?

When hydrogen burns, water is formed.

How water is formed when hydrogen gas is burnt?

when 2 molecules of hydrogen gas and one molecule of oxygen react with each other then they form water(H2O)

How does hydrogen and oxygen make h2o?

The produce water by direct combination when hydrogen is burnt in oxygen.

When hydrogen is burnt what gas is formed?

The combustion of hydrogen produces water: 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O

Why is water incombustable?

The bonds between the Hydrogen and Oxygen are strong and no more Oxygen can bond. (Combustion is rapid oxidation).If you separate the Hydrogen from the Oxygen (through pyrolysis for example) the mixture is explosive.A2. The hydrogen has already burnt to make water. It cannot be burnt again.

What gases are in the water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen are the gases present in water in the ratio of 2:1 respectively with a covalent bond.The molecular formula is H2OWhen hydrogen is burnt in presence of oxygen, water is formed that can be written as;(Heat) H2 + O2 -------) H2O

How do we turn hydrogen into energy we can use?

Hydrogen can be burnt with oxygen and the formation of the chemical bonds between the atoms releases energy as heat. Free hydrogen is normally manufactured by electrolysis from water, and this requires energy to separate the hydrogen-oxygen bonds, and it is this energy that is released when the chemical bonds are re-formed by combustion.

What product is made when diesel is burnt?

heat and oxygen are produced when it is burnt. if my answer is wrong call me on 07734 940264

Does magnesium react with burnt oxygen?

Magnesium can react with oxygen; the magnesium oxide (MgO) is formed.

Why doesn't hydrogen create carbon dioxide when burnt?

Hydrogen is hydrogen, it can't be converted into co2 since it doesn't have carbon or oxygen.

When 1 gram of sulfur is burnt the mass of the product formed will be?

when a gram of sulfur is burnt the mass product formed will be more than 1gram,zero,less than 1 gram or equal to 1 gram.

What happens when ethanol is burnt in oxygen?

When ethanol is burned in oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are formed as the products.

Can water catch on fire?

Water does not burn because it is already burnt: it is oxidised hydrogen. However, if heated to plasma levels, the hydrogen can be separated from the oxygen and will "burn" when the oxygen is recombined with the hydrogen upon cooling.

What needs to be burnt with oxygen in a rocket motor?

Fuel : for example - kerosene (= jet fuel), alcohol, hydrogen.

What products are formed when cyclohexene burns?

water and carbon dioxinde, it reacts with the oxygen in the air when burnt

Why is hydrogen called a clean fuel?

it is called a clean fuel because when hydrogen is burnt it released energy and the only product left is water. Water is clean and not a pollutant.

During respiration oxygen com bust with what to produce water?

when we respire, glucose is burnt by oxygen...one by product is water. SO OXYGEN COMBUSTS WITH GLUCOSE TO PRODUCE WATER!

Why is carbon monoxide present in car exhausts?

It is the burnt product after the oxygen and fuel are mixed and used to power the engine.

What percentage of oxygen is needed to sustain a fire?

That depends on the 'fuel' that is burnt: wood, petrol, alcohol, hydrogen gas ALL have there own 'fire-sustaining' oxygen concentrations.

What substance is formed when carbon burns?

When Carbon is burnt the main product formed is Carbon dioxide(CO2), which is in gaseous state. It the combustion is done where oxygen supply is less, small amounts of impurity, Carbon monoxide(CO), is formed along with the main product. This is also a gas but it is colorless, flammable and highly toxic. This gas is very flammable and will burn with a blue flame to produce Carbon dioxide.

Which of the elements are used in make a synthetic rain?

When hydrogen and Oxygen are burnt together in a isolated environment to increase efficiency's you can produce water

What happens to the hydrogen atoms in methane when it is burnt in plenty of oxygen?

it burns and seperates actually it burns and oxygen burns it , methane is the gas that we mostly use in southern countries for cooking

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