What products do Nike Make?

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Nike offers a range of shoes for sports like, Tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, football, bicycling, volleyball, cheerleading, hiking etc...They manufacture casual clothes, running clothes, yoga clothes, tennis clothes (dresses and skirts), Thongs, socks, caps, aquatic gear, duffel bags, sunglasses, skates, bats, gloves, women's sport bras, ice skates, roller blades, roller skates, protective gear, hockey sticks, hockey jerseys and many more small accessories.
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How do you find out about new Nike products?

vist;- sneakernews.com or nike.com or you could go in to a spots shop like JD sports and ask a member of staff they are they to help so why not ask (Y).

How much does Nike make a year?

not much. they put so much money into their quality materials that the company lost money last year.

What does Nike make?

They make sports equipment. They're mostly known for their shoes. They also make basketballs, baseball bats, cleats.

How much money does Nike make?

In the 12 months ended August 31, 2010, Nike had $19.39 billion in revenue, which produced $2.94 billion in earnings (before interest, taxes, etc.). After all that, bottom-line profit was $1.95 billion or $3.96 per share.

How does Nike promote its products?

its a tnc that means its a factory that sells its products cheap to other countries such as Australia and New York

Where are Nike products made?

Nike operate in 45 different countries around the world and the majority of production occurs in Asia. Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines and Malaysia are all countries Nike is producing in.

When did Nike start making trainers?

The company was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, and became Nike in 1978.

Where are Nike products manufactured?

Per www.reclaimdemocracy.org/nike/klasky_justfacts.html:. "In Nike' s case, the actual production facilities are owned by South Korean and Taiwanese companies that manufacture the products under contract with Nike. The bulk of Nike products are manufactured in China, Thailand, and Indonesia, though ( Full Answer )

What makes Nike TNC?

nike is a tnc because it makes its products in other countries. the company itself is baes in Oregon in the states. � Nike operates in over 120 countries but is based in Oregon inthe Unites States. � Nike is an athletic clothing and footwear manufacturer. � Nike has inco ( Full Answer )

What are Nike products?

nike products are a brand....they sale many sports and atletic items. they sale shoes, cleats, and sports equipment.

What countries import Nike products?

China, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom are the top mentioned countries for Nike exportation.

What is the average profit that Nike makes?

Nike on average makes 400% on a pair of shoes air maxs are made in twiland and all the materials together cost 7$ and pay 2$ a hour so they in total spend 9$ and sell them for 165$

What happens to the product Nike when it wears out?

With a lot of nike products (espically the rubber soles from their tennis shoes) they recycyle the rubber soles and turn them into usful sports equipment.. I know for a fact that with the soles, they grind them into tiny pieces or rubber and then use the ground rubber soles to make tracks for local ( Full Answer )

How much do nike products cost?

it depends on the product, shoes are normally $40-$100 and the rest of the equipment and sport gear im not quite sure of

Does Nike import or export products?

They import them from their overseas sweatshops, where workers endure brutal conditions and very little pay. See the related links.

In what countries does Nike sell their products?

Nike operates in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherl ( Full Answer )

What is the nike shoe product life cycle?

The life cycle of Nike shoe products varies depending on the styleof shoe. The Energy shoe has a life cycle of -2.00, and Ghg -1.85.

Did bowerman make a fortune with nike?

Being the Co-founder of Nike Bowerman made million of dollars fromNike sales and deals. On May 21, 2014 He was inducted into theNational Inventors Hall of Fame at the U.S. Patent and TrademarkOffice in Alexandria, Va.

How do Nike make their shoes and who makes them?

Shoe manufacturers in eastern Europe and southeast Asia produce the shoes for nike. for example, most of their basketball shoes are made by pou chen corp. in china

What are some products of Nike inc?

you got some shoes . sweat bands, all sorts of cloths, lots of sport equpitment, and stuff of that nature :]

How much do Nike managers make?

Depends...store head coaches as they are called range from 60 to 110,000 a yr depending on the sales of the store. Area managers I.e. footwear or apparel leads make around 15-18 dollars an hour.

Does Nike make a steel toe shoe?

I dont know if they still make them but Nike style number:309655-001 was steel toed... Hope this helps you and if u find any others plz post them here as I am looking for some too :S

Production plan of Nike sport shoe?

what about it? they use vietnamese kids and overwork them, then pay them like five cents per hour. never buy another nike shoe. also, for stupid people out there, it's pronounced "Nihk-EEH," not "Nihk." this is all. love, kooboo

Will Nike make a superfly 3?

Yes it will be released around march 2011 Colors: blue and white with some orange- Purple and white with some yellow. The model is not very different from the superfly ii , which is kind of disappointing

Why Nike makes its clothes in India?

So they can get their products made for a cheaper price, and so that eventually they will make more profit at the end of each calender year

What products does Nike sell internationally?

Nike sells products on just about every continent. In South America they have 7 factories alone in Argentina. Look just about anywhere and you'll be able to find Nikes label with their symbol.

Which sportsman is used to promote Nikes products?

Nike is used for pretty much everything! There are Nike soccer and football, baseball, and softball cleats, Nike Basketball shoes, Nike socks. Nike is just a good all around sports aid.

What is Nikes best selling product?

their shoes because they make cost like 20 dollars per pair of shoes. The reason they make it $20 is they spend $150 per pair of shoes to make them. Secondly they want money to make more shoes and they have to use money from their t-shirt, shirt, and shorts sales to help make their shoes to sell so ( Full Answer )

How many styles does Nike make?

Nike makes alot of different kinds of styles. Like in shoes, if you visit their website, you could customize your own pair of sneakers; such as it's colors and design.

Can you make your own Nike Elite socks?

You might be able to make socks similar to Nike Elites, but socks are somewhat difficult to make yourself. In addition, even if you were able to make your own, you could not use the Nike emblem.

How do you make nike elite socks?

www.elitesportsocks.com is a site were you can create custom elitesocks with your own logo, text, and colors. They are not Nike brandbut the socks are for sport performance and have many similarities.

Who makes Nike Lacrosse sticks?

Actually, STX engineers the heads and handles for Nike. STX alsodoes the warranty work. We are a Nike and STX dealer.

How and where does Nike make their product?

Nike contracts factories outside the United States to manufacture their products. Nike is not into the business of making shoes or apparel, what they do is sell the brand (NIKE). They contract sweatshops in mostly Asian countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Philiippinnes, Malaysia, etc. ( Full Answer )

Did Nike make official NBA jerseys?

Yes. Around the Very late 90's till early 2000's nike did make nba jerseys. type in jersey on ebay and you might find good nike nba jerseys for reasonable prices.

How do you make your own Nike socks?

im really dont think their is a way to unless you sow a nike on your socks lol. just fake a field drip form and make it say u need 15 bucks and use that to get some nike socks.

Is Nike a standardized product?

\n. Yes, through Considered Design, Nike is reducing waste throughout the design and manufacture of its products, using environmentally preferred materials and eliminating toxins.

What product are Nike known for?

Many things, such as.. Trainers Jackets Trousers Tops Jumpers Nike are probably most known for selling sportswear.

How many decals does Nike make?

Nike only makes one style of decal. The "swoosh" is their signature decal shape. However, this shape can be found not only on shoes, but on socks, shirts, hats, golf balls, and even fingernail decals.

Where can one shop for Nike products?

The best place to but Nike products is directly from Nike. You can purchase items from their website or from an in-store location. Sports Authority and Footlocker also carry Nike products.

Where can one find Nike products for kids?

They are almost in every show store in the local mall, they are that cheap being that it is a very popular name and everyone wants to wear that brand of shoe

What products does Nike offer in India?

Nike appear to offer a full range of their products in India. They advertise trainers, fitness clothing, watches and accessories for sale. Products can be bought in a local store or online.

What kind of products does Nike Bauer make?

The kinds of products that Nike Bauer make is ice hockey equipment. The company formerly known as Bauer Performance Sports is a leading manufacturer of ice hckey equipment, fitness skates and apparel.It is has also acquired the hockey assets of Cooper Canada and also makes safety equipment for sport ( Full Answer )

What type of products does Cole Haan make other than Nike Air boots?

Born more than a century ago at the intersection of form and function, Cole Haan has been innovating ever since founder Trafton Cole started making resoleable shoes during the depression. After being bought by Nike in 1988, Cole Haan began introducing footwear with built-in air chambers

Where are Nike products?

Nike outlets, the mall, and other stores may carry them. Kohls and Dicks sporting goods do.

What kind of stuff does Nike make?

Nike makes sports shoes, jerseys, shorts, cleats, baselayers, etc. for a wide range of sports. In 2009 they also started selling the Nike+ Sports Band.