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What products does the US import?


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They import products usually from the US.

The Dominican Republic don't import products from Jamaica. It primary import and export products from and to United States.

China imports high technology products and services from the US.

It is not legal to import seal skin into the United States. It has been illegal to import any products that come from seals to the US since 1972.

The US imports a variety of products from Asia. Some of these include furniture, auto parts, footwear, toys, automobiles, and plastic products.

Canada does import products from countries other than the US. But the US and Canada have been major trading partners for years, so many items do come from the US. But others come from Japan, China, the EU, Mexico and South America.

aircraft, medical and dental preparations and engines for aircraft (2007 census)

import means a products or services brought from one country to another

You import by a ship or a plane! 8) :p :d

I worked produce in Canada for 9 1/2 years. A lot of our products came from the US.

Norway imported products totaling $56,005,840,785 in US dollars in 2006.

Another challenge for Nunavut seal-skin products is the US Marine Mammal Protection Act. This legislation stopped the import of marine mammal products into the States in 1972, and makes it illegal for American fur wholesalers and retailers to import Inuit seal-skin.

they import devices,machinery,foods,cellphones

they import goods like food tabbaco ect

Trade key lists products and companies that import. Try

products sold by other people

The goal was to win -- but why? Oh, yes, to stop the spread of communism. We lost, and now we import products from Vietnam. I would have let them import without the war.

The import and exporting that the United States participates in provides them with goods and products or makes the country money.

import: oil, cars export: olive oil, other agricultural products

raw materials are imports and exports are finished products

they usually import beef from africa

Canada imports much the same things from Japan that the US does; cars, televisions, and other high-tech products.

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