What products to people use to make sites like club penguin and runescape someone told me it was IBUILDOWN and two other things?

Hey thanks dude! Just one problem. I don't live in UK so those links don't work for me. Thanks for the help anyway! They use these programmes that you download but its 60 day trial and then £10.00 A month! if you do not pay within two days after trial ends you will be fined 50% more onto the actual payment a month! they use these Web Builder (download at www.webbuilderdownload.co.uk IBUILDOWN (download at http://ibuildown.co.uk/download) web creators (download at www.webcreators.org.uk they only use them and then you add special features and create names and things! mine is http://chattergirls.co.uk FREE WEBSITE! i pay £10.00 a month for mine i pay £5.00 my mom pays £5.00