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What professional careers pay the best?

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The top 24 according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

# Surgeon: $181,850 # Anesthesiologist: $174,610 # OB/GYN: $174,610 # Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: $169,600 # Internist: $156,790 # Prosthodontist: $156,710 # Orthodontist: $153,240 # Psychiatrist: $151,380 # Chief Executive Officer: $140,880 # Engineering Manager: $140,210 # Pediatrician: $140,000 # Family or general practitioner: $137,980 # Physician/surgeon, all other: $137,100 # Airline Pilot: $134,090 # Dentist: $132,660 # Podiatrist: $111,130 # Lawyer: $110,590 # Dentist, any other specialist: $106,040 # Air Traffic Controller: $100,430 # Computer and Information Systems Manager: $100,110 # Marketing Manager: $100,020 # Natural Sciences Manager: $97,560 # Sales Manager: $96,950 # Astronomer: $96,780

2008-02-28 19:37:55
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