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Q: What program should i use to make a Halo 3 video with Team Fortress 2 Music and sounds?
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What trend inspired composers to write music evoking scenes or sounds of far off lands?

program music

What program should you use to download music from your computer to your psp?

You don't need a program. Just put the files in the "Music" folder

Why does your desktop shows an error with mod name kernel32dll and it closes the music file on which you right clicked how to rectify it?

Sounds like the program that is associated with your music files is corrupt. By associated I mean the program that by default tries to play them. Uninstall it and re-install it.

What did Stewart Copeland use to make music for the Spyro The Dragon games?

Some type of music creation program. He used a keyboard and this program to input notes and sounds and used a quantize feature to perfect the tempo. If you have a keyboard, MIDI cables, and really any music creator program (music creator 2, 3, 4, reason, etc). Personally, I have a Yamaha PSR-225gm and music creator 2 and I've re-made many of Copeland's creations!

The music key which sounds happy?

Music written in a major key sounds happy. Music written in a minor key sounds sad.

What program should be on laptop to download music from my music folder to laptop. when i plug in the ipod it just says connected?


What is the Ritmo Latino music program?

The Ritmo Latino music program is a music program for all Latin American countries. This music program specializes in bringing Latin music to countries in South and Central America.

Who invented program music?

i invented program music

On super smash bros brawl what is the music where you vs the false princesses?

The music is from Super Mario bros 3 its the music you hear when your in a castle or fortress.

Symphonic poems program symphonies and program overtures are all types of?

Symphonic poems, program symphonies, and program overtures are all types of program music.

Noises or Sounds that can cause damage to hearing?

Sounds such as in a rock concert can damage you hearing from your ears cause of the loud music it should be damaged for at least 9 seconds.

Why does country music sound so different today?

the music sounds so different, but the music is metropolis zone from sonic 2. When each music tunes from lower volume, the means the music sounds so different in the early sunrise. the music sounds so different, but the music is metropolis zone from sonic 2. When each music tunes from lower volume, the means the music sounds so different in the early sunrise.

Which audio element of the National Geographic video most clearly sends a message that people should be scared of the flu?

Ominous music

When was Music Sounds Better with You created?

Music Sounds Better with You was created on 1998-07-27.

Incidental music Is not considered a form of program music?

false, incidental music is considered a form of program music.

Music that describes nature or tells a story is known as?

tonal music Reason: APE EGS

Which element in a prose poem might be considered lyrical?

The sounds of the words might have a musical flow

Does My First Cd-Rom teach computer skills?

No, this program was designed to introduce toddlers to new vocabulary words, and to teach them to recognize sounds and learn to respond to music.

How is absolute music different from program music?

None of the above Program music tells a story, while absolute music has no descriptive purpose.

What is meant by Music of spheres?

Music of the Spheres means silence or the sounds of nature, uncluttered with the sounds of man.

What does audacity?

Audacity is program that you can get on the computer. This program allows you to make and listen to music. Audacity is a program. The program is for listing and making music.

What are some LDS songs that play on 100.3 on Sundays?

FM100.3 in Salt Lake City, Utah plays a program called 'Soft Sunday Sounds' all day Sunday. The program consists of inspirational religious music by LDS and Christian artists, of contemporary and traditional styles. They also have a free all-week online stream of the 'Soft Sunday Sounds' lineup. Check out the "Related Links" below to go to the Soft Sunday Sounds website, where you can listen to the online stream to get a feel for what music they play. (scroll down and click "Soft Sunday Sounds Stream - Listen Live" for the live stream)

What is a free easy to use music making program that has the feature of layering different sounds?

A very easy to use program is Acoustica Mixcraft. You can download a free trial for 7 days. And then you can buy the full version for 60-70 dollars

When was Music Sounds Better with U created?

Music Sounds Better with U was created on 2011-11-01.

When was Music Sounds Better with You - album - created?

Music Sounds Better with You - album - was created on 2011-03-22.