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Vin Diesel IS NOT GAY! Just about every actor has had that label slammed on them and although there are more and more actors coming out of the closet it doesn't mean they are all gay. Vin Diesel has the intelligence not to answer such a stupid question and if he was gay its no ones business!

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โˆ™ 2010-10-30 16:07:05
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Q: What proof is there for Vin Diesel's sexuality?
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Who is vin diesels wife?

He is not married.

Who is vin diesels girlfriend?

Paloma Jiminez

What is vin diesels favourite colour?


What is Vin Diesel favourite color?

vin diesels favourite colour is green

Who is vin diesels mother?

His mother is Delora Vincent

Who is vin diesels ex girlfriend?

Michelle Rodriguez

What is Vin Diesels mother's name?

Harriet Jane

Does vin diesels have a sister?

Yes; her name is Samantha.

What is vin diesels car name?

maruti omni

What is vin diesels real name?

Vin Diesel's full name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.

What is vin diesels shoe size?

Shoe Size 12

What is vin diesels net worth?

Estimated $65 million

What is vin diesels natural hair color?

light brown

What is Vin Diesels height and weight?

Vin Diesel is about 182 cm long and weights about 83 kilograms

What is vin diesels name in fast and furious?

Vin Diesel plays Dominic Toretto in Fast and Furious.

Where can you get a coat like vin diesels in xxx?

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What is Vin Diesels ethnic background?

Bi racial Italian black

How do you get a famous person's phone number?

You can. I got Vin Diesels from the net!

What is Vin Diesels nationality?

He is a US citizen of Italian and black ancestry

What was vin diesels sisters name in fast and furious?

Michelle Rodriguez

Who are vin diesels siblings names?

His brothers are Tin & Paul; his sister is Samantha

What is the name of Vin Diesels character in Fast and Furious?

Dominic Toretto. Dominic Toretto.

Who is the mother of vin diesels kid?

his girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez, is the mother of both his children

What is vin diesels daughter name and age?

Hania Riley,was born in April 2, 2008

Is vin diesels ethnic background is black?

Yes Vin Diesel is bi-racial. Same as Duane "The Rock" Johnson. They are both part African American.