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What pros and cons of joining the military should a high school senior consider?


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There are many advantages of joining the U.S. Armed Forces. You will have the opportunity to receive the GI Bill which could provide over $40,000 towards your college education. You may have the opportunity to travel (in all branches, but especially the Navy). You may have the opportunity to learn technical, job-related skills such as computers, logistics, mechanical skills, etc. You will have the opportunity to test yourself physically and mentally. You may build lifelong friendships and a obtain a strong sense of belonging in an extremely large fraternity of veterans. Finally, although soldiers don't make much money, you will find that your needs are all provided for. Because of this, the military is a great way to save up some money.

On the other hand there are a few negatives as well. The military can be a lot of work, especially at first. The military can also be boring and frustrating (sometimes "being all that you can be involves a lot of sitting around and waiting). Most importantly, there is a chance that, as a soldier, you will be called upon to go into a combat situation where you could be put in a position where you could either die or have to kill another person. By joining the military you are saying (in a legally binding manner) that you are comfortable taking this risk. If you are comfortable taking that risk and you don't have any spectacular opposing offers, then the military is probably a very good choice for you.