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The continuous movement of water.

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How does ATP help catalyze translation?

It provides the energy necessary for the reaction to occur.

What provides the energy needed for evaporation to occur naturally in the water cycle?

The kinetic energy of the molecules is the source.

Can Calvin cycle occur in the dark?

Yes it can, but only as long as there's a supply of ATP (which provides the energy) and NADPH (which provides the high energy electrons) to run the process.

What provides the energy for the chemical reaction in photosynthesis to occur?

The sunlight provides the energy needed to initiate the light reactions of photosynthesis. This light energy will be converted into chemical energy.

What does light do for a plant?

Light provides the energy for photosynthesis to occur.

Are necessary for evaporation to occur?

For evaporation to occur you need the following: Heat (energy), and water.

Which of the processes of the water cycle occur by releasing energy?


Which is the processes of the water cycle occur by releasing energy?


Which of the process of the water cycle occur by releasing energy?


The amount of energy needed to cause a chemical reaction to occur is the?

The amount of energy necessary to cause a chemical reaction to occur is called activation energy.

What are the energy changes that occur during the refrigeration cycle?

i think thermal energy and radiant energyPeAcE

Activation energy is necessary for a chemical reaction to occur because?

breaking bonds requires energy.

How many ATP are required for photosynthesis?

None really. Photosynthesis will occur without the need to use ATP energy. Photosynthesis creates the ATP necessary for the Calvin cycle to function. The Calvin cycle produces glucose that is then used for cellular respiration.

What is the name of all the chemical energy transformations that occur within a cell?

Kreb's Cycle ( Citric Acid Cycle )

What process of the water cycle occur by releasing energy?

condensation that forms clouds

What is necessary for evaporation to occur.?

Heat, or energy, is needed for evaporation to occur. Energy breaks bonds holding water molecules together, making evaporation possible.

Does the Calvin cycle only occur in the dark?

It cannot occur in the dark. It contains an enzyme called rubisco which is a light-activated enzyme. Also the Calvin cycle uses the chemical energy produced in the light reactions, and the light reactions need sunlight energy in order to produce the energy needed in the Calvin cycle. Hope that helps :)

What is necessary for speciation to occur?

Isolation Is necessary for speciation to occur.

What process is absolutely necessary for sexual reproduction to occur in a life cycle but is not required for organisms that only reproduce asexually?


What is the purpose of a catalyst?

a catalyst provides a different path for a reaction to occur To lower the activation energy of a reaction

Two conditions necessary for a chemical reaction to occur?

For a chemical reaction to occur, there must be a mechanism by which the molecules in question collide, and those molecules must have high enough energy upon collision to cause a reaction to occur (in other words, they have to have an energy exceeding the activation energy).

What is silmilar between the citric acid cycle and the Calvin cycle?

Both cycles recycle the molecule needed for the first reaction.Both recycle the molecules needed so that they can occur again. Energy is required for both to occur.

Where does glycoysis occur?

Glycolysis is the breakdown of glucose in the respiratory cycle to produce ATP for cellular energy, which happens in the mitochondria.

What part of chloroplast does Calvin cycle occur in?

It takes place in stroma. It produces glucose using captured energy

What things are necessary for photosynthesis to occur?

light energy, co2, and h2o and what comes out of photosynthesis is glucose (sugar) and oxygen

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