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Trolly cars, boats, trains, cable cars

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Yes, my mother who was born in 1915 remembers horse drawn transport in her youth.

Gondolas are boats used for public transport in Venice.


Public transport are transports that are available to the general public and one can take the transport as long as they pay for it. Private transport is mostly owned by individuals. Some example of public transport can be buses and trains. Taking public transport can help to conserve the environment as less resources is consumed.

London Transport was a brand name used by a number of public transport authorities in London, England, from 1933. It was phased out in 2000 and is now known as Transport for London. I hope this helps :-)

Yes, airlines are public transport, because any member of the public can buy a ticket and travel on them.

is there any public transport between luderitz and kolmanskop

on average 30,000 people use public transport

The population of Reolian Public Transport Co. is 550.

Public Transport Users Association was created in 1976.

Subways (and el's), buses, taxicabs.

they used old fashioned cars and were not alot of money atall.

Reolian Public Transport Co. was created in 2009.

the local people (the Sherpas) use a coach, called the peace coach as their public transport :) and this is coming from an 11 year old

with its free then we have to pay more tax. i would rather to pay for public transport

Public Transport Service Corporation was created on 1965-05-01.

There are several types of public transport. Forms of public transport include trains, buses, airplanes, taxis, subways, and trolleys.

The main public transport in Venice is by various types of boat that can fit in the small waterways.

LeRoy Public Library was created in 1915.

Public will not be requiring roads

Public Transport reduces damage to the environment. Different types of public transport are buses, trains and boats. One bus emits far fewer fumes than twenty cars Public transport is safer than cars. No need to find parking spaces at your destination. Eases congestion, reduces emissions.

Cars , Trains and boats are mostly used in Egypt have they don't have much public transport. camels, maybe i don't know i'm american

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