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When the war was over some were arrested and did time in prison. Some got hanged (see Nuremberg trails). Others went off through the "nazi underground" system and ended up in places like South America and began new lives...and were never brought to justice. Some simply got forgotten or overlooked in the post-WW2 chaos. Europe was in a huge mess for many years after the war.Many followed after Hitler and commited suicide Some got taken prisoner and ended up in Russia. Some the allied intelligence services etc grabbed because they had special knowledge and they ended up spying for the US and Britain. In war, not all offenders get brought to justice.

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Q: What punishments did Nazi soldiers receive after World War 2?
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What is a nazi in World War 2?

Nazi is a type of government (Hitler was a Nazi) and they had their own soldiers (Hitler's soldiers).

What did Nazi soldiers do during World War 2?

They did whatever they were told to do.

How many Nazi Soldiers died in World War 2?


What did US soldiers not find when they liberated concentration camps during world war 2?

D) Nazi Soldiers

What knives did Nazi soldiers use during world war 2?


Are Nazi storm elite soldiers real?

Elite Nazi storm troopers were a real group of specialized soldiers in WWII.

Why were there punishments in concentration camps?

The only reason there were punishments in Nazi concentration camps is because the German guards enjoyed humiliating and torturing their captives to death.

What vehicles did Nazi soldiers drive?

The Kubelwagen-82, which was the Nazi equivalent of the Jeep.

How is Star Wars IV Related to World War 2?

The Imperial officers bear a resemblance to Nazi soldiers. Storm Troopers was originally a name for a group of Nazi soldiers. So the Empire is much like Nazi Germany. In addition, the Death Star is something like the atomic bomb.

How effective were Nazi Songs during World War 2?

Only effect of the Nazi Songs were which motivated the Soldiers and kept them focused why and who they were fighting for. It also entertained civilians.

How many soldiers went into World War 2?

Here list of main countris military size in world war 2 Britain: 3.5 Million Soldiers Italy: 4.25 Million Soldiers America: 13 Million Soldiers Nazi Germany: 25 Million Soldiers USSR: 32 Million Soldiers

Is a Nazi a German soldier?

Nazi is short for National Socialist Party. If you belonged to Hitler's political party, you were a Nazi. Not all German soldiers and quite frankly most were not members of the party. But, they did have to swear an allegiance to Hitler. You can say they were Nazi soldiers but not all German soldiers were Officially members of the party.

Facts about nazi soldiers?

who is adolf hitler

How young were nazi soldiers?

By the end of the war, Germans as young as ten (10) were being given guns and required to fight. But most of them were not members of the Nazi Party and could not truly be called Nazi soldiers. They were German soldiers in an army and a country run by Nazis.

What happened to regular low ranking Nazi soldiers after the war?

The regular low ranking Nazi soldiers were absorbed by the government after the war. There are others who did opt to retire.

Nazi flag that was signed by the US soldiers who helped liberate Germany Is it of any value?

this is the signed Nazi flag It is signed by the US soldiers. It even has blood on it.

How many Nazi soldiers were assigned to The Warsaw Ghetto?

not many, there were not soldiers in the ghetto, unless they were sent on a task. There were Nazi guards on the gates, so it will be about a gross or two.

How do the acts committed by nazi soldiers and Hitler compare to modern gang activity?

Nazi soldiers were tools of the state modern gangs are fighting against the state.

How many nazi soldiers were in Auschwitz?

around 7000

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What types of Nazi soldiers were at Auschwitz?

SS units

What were the Nazi soldiers training like?

The German military as a whole was very well trained and very well disciplined. The Wehrmacht and Schutzstaffel were among the best trained soldiers in the world at that time.

In world war 2 what sickened the allied soldiers when they found them?

The thing that sickened them was the Nazi concentration camps. Makes me sick too

What are some other names for Nazi soldiers?

Nazi, Fascist, Jerry and there are some more just don't remember them.

Who were the defendants of the Nuremberg trails?

Nazi related officials and soldiers.