What purpose does a Pope have?

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January 24, 2010 1:17PM

Your local library might have a book on this if not check with a priest. There are many things that a pope does and has influences on. None. He is simply an elderly gentleman who wears interesting clothing and a large hat. It is a made up position that doesnt mean anything. Human beings have this strange urge to put people or objects up on a pedestal and look up and worship them. I think God put it in us, this urge. We do it with everything. Our own president is supposed to be our civil SERVANT, he is supposed to serve our will. But no, we all look up at him and treat him as extremely important and we click on our TV's and hang on every word he says. Dont like the president example? How about actors? They live in their own little secluded area and people pay money just to find out who they are dating and people join fan clubs and know every little detail about the celebrity they are worshipping like what color M&M's they like, their favorite kind of soap, and little nuances of lives that no person should know about another person. Not a lot has changed. People just moved from worshipping golden calves and Easter island heads to worshipping Leanardo Decaprio (sp?) and Brittany Spears. Its God, people, and not anyone else. None, The Pope just sits there as a role model for Christians and Catholics. Christians and Catholics from all over the world think that this man is God's servant. I think that the Pope is only there because people feel safer if they have someone that is meant to be a servant from God. I think people aren't willing to give up such a big part of Christian history even if it may not be true.