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Q: What put an end to the concentration camps?
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The allied victory in World War ll put an end to which terrible practice?

It put an end to placing Jews in concentration camps.

When did the concentration camps end?


How do you put concentration into a sentence?

I broke my concentration! Avoid the concentration camps!

How did the Jews get out of these concentration camps?

Most concentration camps were liberated by the allied forces towards the end of the war.

What year did the concentration camps end?


What year did concentration camps end?


Who put the Japanese in concentration camps?


Where did the Germans put homosexuals in World War 2?

They were put in concentration camps and extermination camps.

When was the first time Jews are put into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

How many Nazi Concentration Camps were there by the end of 1937?

By the end of 1937 there was only 5 main Concentration Camps, 4 were in Germany and 1 was in Austria.

When did concentration camps end?

When Allied troops liberated them.

Were young people put in concentration camps?


Who put the Jews in concentration camps in 1938?


Why were the first concentration camps opened?

The first German concentration camps were opened to put communists and other political radicals in.

How were people collected and transported to the concentration camps?

Generally they were put in transit (temporary camps) until they could be put on a train.

When did the concentration camps officially end?

Each camp ceased to be a concentration camps when it was liberated by one of the Allied armies. This happened on different dates at each camps.

What did concentration camps do to children?

In concentration camps, since men and women were separated, young children were put in the women's section. However, if the concentration camps were also extermination camps, the children were often murdered upon arrival.

Were women and men put together in concentration camps?

Yes they were

Why were Jews put in a railroad cart?

to transport them to concentration camps

How did the Jews get to the concentration camps?

They were usually put onto trains.

What did Adolf Hitler do in 1935?

he put jews in concentration camps

Before concentration camps where were Jewish people put?


Where did the Nazis get permission to put people in Concentration Camps?

=From Hitler.=

Where Jews taken from their parents and put to work?

Concentration Camps

By the end of kristallnacht how many Jews were in concentration camps?

During the Kristallnacht and the days that followed about 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps.