What qoute does Odysseus say to tiresis?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What qoute does Odysseus say to tiresis?
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What does Poseidon say to Odysseus?

Poseidon does not talk to Odysseus directly.

How does Odysseus manage to say no to Calypso and still not offend her?

Hermes is sent down to Calypso, telling her that the gods wish for her to release Odysseus. Therefore, it is Calypso who allows Odysseus to leave, not Odysseus who 'manages to say no.'

What do others say about Odysseus?

Most people thought Odysseus had died coming back from Troy, until he appeared in Ithaca before the suitors. They say Odysseus is wily, and a godlike warrior.

What do the suitors say to Odysseus to convince him not to kill them?

The suitors did not convince Odysseus to let them live. Odysseus locked them all in a room and killed them

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What does poseidon say Odysseus will do so a result of Odysseus' pride and arrogance?

he wll suffer entering

Who was Theoclymenus and what did he have to say about Odysseus?

Need to do better

What did king nestor have to say about odysseus?


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What did odysseus say when the cyclops asked him his name?


What was telemus' prophecy for the cyclops?

What does Odysseus say after their escape

What does Odysseus say about his own reputation?

that he is known for his cunning