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A parallelogram, a rhombus, kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals.

However, some kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals can have one (or more) right angles.

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A quadrilateral with 4 right angles is a rectangle

a quadrilateral with no right angle is?

No because a quadrilateral has 4 sides but doesn't have to have right angles. For example the. Trapezoid doesn't,t have right angles but it is a quadrilateral

If it is a quadrilateral it cannot be "not a quadrilateral"!

yes a quadrilateral does have 4 right angles

It can.Quadrilateral means "four sides", and squares and rectangles do have right angles. Rhombuses are quadrilaterals, but do not have right angles.

A quadrilateral having four right angles is called a rectangle.

A quadrilateral can have four right angles.

A quadrilateral is any shape with four sides; angles can be acute or obtuse. A perfect square is the only quadrilateral with only right angles.

A quadrilateral with four right angles is a rectangle. If all its sides are the same then it is a square.

All quadrilateral have four angles. It is possible that all four angles are right angles, even if the quadrilateral is not a square (this would be a rectangle).

A quadrilateral with no right-angles would be a rhombus (or parallelogram) A rhombus has four sides, with opposite corner angles equal.

It's impossible for a quadrilateral to have no equal sides and have right angles.

No, if it has right angles it is a special case, such as rectangle, but in general it does not have to have any right angles

The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral is 360 degrees. If three of the angles are right angles, that is, of 90 degrees each, the the fourth must be 90 degrees. So you can have a quadrilateral with three right angles but its fourth angle will also be a right angle. So exactly 3 right angles is not possible.

An irregular quadrilateral doesn't need to have any right angles. It's possible for it to have one or two right angles, but no more than two of them.

A 4 sided polygon is called a quadrilateral. Depending on where the two right angles are, would put the quadrilateral into different subsets. For example if the two right angles are on adjacent corners (and the other 2 angles are not right angles), then it is a trapezoid. If the 2 right angles are in opposite corners, and the other 2 angles are not right angles then it would be a kite-shaped quadrilateral.

No a quadrilateral can't have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle because if a polygon did have 3 obtuse angles and 1 right angle then it would not even be a quadrilateral.

NO that is defo the right answer

NO quadrilateral has, except rectangles and squares.

A quadrilateral with 4 equal sides and 4 right angles is a square.

It is a parallelogramIf one of the angles is a right angle (then they all are) and the quadrilateral is a rectangle.If both pairs of sides are equal in length (but none of the angles is a right angle) the quadrilateral is a rhombus.If the sides are equal and one of the angles is a right angle, the quadrilateral is a square.

Correct. The internal angles of a quadrilateral always add up to 360 degrees. 360 degrees is the equivalent of four right-angles,

A quadrilateral with 0 right angles is a trapezoid, i know it looks like it has right angles IT DOES NOT!