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What quaifies something as a psychological disorder?

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March 16, 2007 9:41AM

You don't always have to have a disorder to see a psychologist

or psychiatrist. I went to one 3 years ago because my mother was

acting very strange towards me (I didn't realize she had Dementia

and she was 70 when she started to really mistreat me) and I had to

make the decision to stay away from me. I was riddled with guilt

because this wasn't normal to me and before this my mother and I

always got along together and did a lot of things together. I

really didn't want to discuss it with friends (sometimes they have

a tendency to tell another friend) as it was very personal to me,

so I used the expertise of the psychologist who helped me put

things into perspective and give me some tools to live with. People

that are depressed; suicidal; feelings of numbness towards them

self and others; doing drugs too much (including street drugs and

alcohol); fighting with their partner too much; go into fits of

anger over nothing that important; have feelings of low

self-esteem. The list goes on and on. If you aren't sure then go to

a psychologist (they treat the human aspect of things and can't

prescribe medications) whereas Psychiatrists take more schooling in

medications and less in human reactions. You may just need a "kick

start" as I call it. We work on our bodies and tune it up and we

should do that with our minds as well. Sometimes we can discuss it

with a Priest, Minister, good friend or family member, but

sometimes we just feel we need the advice from someone that isn't

involved in the problem.

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