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what skills do you need to become a professional Netball player


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well train hard give it the best you can and focus focus focus

liz ellis, google some others

To become a soccer player in India you must do a lot of practice.Practice can led you to become a professional footballer.

To become a professional soccer player, you have to be hired by a team willing to pay you a salary.

You need to have a college degree to get a job.Then,you need to have a career to become a professional baseball player.

qualification is not required but talent in the field of cricket is required.

When you PLAY PRO netball you earn about 10 million a good game or year for not as good players but u will never be one so who cares

have potential and be brave. you got to have alot of ball skills and be able to throw the ball from a far distance. you also have to have good cooperation skills

In netball where can wing defence player go to?

The same way you become a professional anywhere in any profession.Get good at what you do.Get a jobGet paid for it.

you keep practicing your skills, and become a professional!

No, you don't have to be an experienced netball player to play for a netball team. Everyone has to start somewhere. Start & you will soon get better. best of luck

all you need to do is be a good footballer :0

A netball player is usuallly unable to play with long nails, hair untied, ununiformed etc. Also in professional netball the players are randomly checked for steroids or other drugs that may affect their playing. Hope i helped! Xx

Educationally none however, you will be expected to have developed through the country of origins player structure. As many start their lives in the amateur sector of have played at high level through a university the players have been employed at some time in "other" occupations. They then become semi professional and final fully professional (if that country has a professional structure in place)

She became a professional golf player in 2000.

The tallest netball player in Asia is Tharjini Sivalingam. She is 6 feet 10 inches tall and has won several awards for netball.

It depends if you are playing proper netball or nettaball (younger players netball). In netball it is offside.

irene van dyk is the most famous lady netball player

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