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What qualifications do you need to become an airline pilot?


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To be an airline pilot you need an ATPL license - to get that you need to be able to get into a training school. You'd generally need 5 GCSEs A*-C including maths and english, and 2 A-levels are also needed most of the time, PREFERABLY A levels in maths and physics, but it doesn't matter too much if you do different subjects. Same academic qualifications are required for military flying. Also you just go straight here (Link Moved) and fill in an application for the CTC Wings Cadet Route, which you do NOT need any qualifications for, you just need talent and ambition! It's free because it's sponsored, you go to New Zealand to do something like 14 months training to get your PPL (Private Pilots License) which would usually cost around £4-5000, and whatever else you need to have to be eligible to take you CPL (Commercial Pilots License) which you do back in the UK over a period of something like 3-4 months.