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To be an airline pilot you need an ATPL license - to get that you need to be able to get into a training school. You'd generally need 5 GCSEs A*-C including maths and english, and 2 A-levels are also needed most of the time, PREFERABLY A levels in maths and physics, but it doesn't matter too much if you do different subjects. Same academic qualifications are required for military flying. Also you just go straight here (Link Moved) and fill in an application for the CTC Wings Cadet Route, which you do NOT need any qualifications for, you just need talent and ambition! It's free because it's sponsored, you go to New Zealand to do something like 14 months training to get your PPL (Private Pilots License) which would usually cost around £4-5000, and whatever else you need to have to be eligible to take you CPL (Commercial Pilots License) which you do back in the UK over a period of something like 3-4 months.

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Qualifications to be a pilot?

The qualifications to become an airline pilot depend on the type of pilot you wish to be. If you plan to fly for any of the major United States airlines, you will need a four year college degree in addition to years of flying experience.

What qualifications do you need to become a fighter pilot?

there is no such thing is that.

What skills and qualifications you need to be a pilot?

You might want to look on airline websites(commercial pilot) or for army go to the website e.g. RAF....

Do you need a clean record to become an airline pilot?

naw broaz

What high school course you need to become airline pilot?


What qualifications to work for delta airlines?

The qualifications you'll need to work for an airline depend on what position you'd be interested in applying for. If you want to work as a steward or stewardess will be different than applying for one as an airline pilot.

What A levels should you need to become an airline pilot?

To become a pilot you need to have maths and physics or you can take what you most enjoy in school but maths and physics are prefered better.

What subjects do you need to be a airline pilot?

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Qualifications do you need for an airline pilot?

You need very high maths, English and science ( B+ at least). For GCSE options you would need to take lanuages, geography and maybe history

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Why would an airline pilot need to have knowledge of geography?

an airline pilot would need the knowledge of geography to get a job and also know how to preserve or protect their environment.

What qualifications did African Americans need to become a combat pilot?

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What gcses do you need to be a plane pilot?

To become a commercial pilot for an airline (British Airways, easyJet, etc.), you will have to have GCSE levels in English, Maths and Science (Preferably Physics). You will need to have levels...A* to C.A* - B and you may get sponsorship from an airline.If you get C, you may get to join an airline.It is best that you start as a first officer (Co-pilot), and work your way up to Captain.Hope this helps :)

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What qualifications do you need to become an airline pilot.?

You really don't need any qualifications at first to become an airline pilot. Firstly, you must become an experienced and fully trained pilot. Gain your Private Pilots License (PPL) first.This is called a Private Pilot Certificate in some other countries. This usually requires you to have at least 50 hours flying time. You cannot hold a PPL until you are 17 years old, but may begin training before this. Secondly, to become an airline pilot, you must hold a Commercial Pilots License (CPL) or Commercial Pilot Certificate in some countries. This allows you to make money as a pilot, and usually requires about 200 flight hours to gain, and cannot be gained until you are 18 years old. The third thing you must do on a path to becoming an airline pilot is gain ratings to your certificate. You can gain ratings with either a CPL or PPL. A Instrument Rating is the primary rating that you need to add to your qualifications to become an airline pilot. This allows you to fly in cloud and navigate with reference to the aircraft instruments. Some airlines operate aircraft powered by gas turbines. If this is the case, you need a Type Rating on Gas Turbine Powered Aircraft. It is als a good idea to gain this rating anyway. You must also have a Multi-Engine Rating because most airlines operate double engine airplanes. The final step in your career path would be to apply for an ATPL, or Airline Transport Pilot License (called an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate in some countries), which requires you to be aged 21, hold a current instrument rating, and have 1500 hours of TOTAL flight time in an aeroplane. You must pass seven written examinations and a flight test with a flight examiner. Once you are ready, go for it, and become an airline pilot. If you decide you want to stop because it cost too much, or it just isn't you anymore, then you can always just go for a PPL or CPL. The information that I have provided refers to New Zealand, and may differ slightly in other countries.

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Hi, i am about to pick my GCSE's for year nine but i want to be a air hostess but i dont no what GCSE's i need? Dose anyone else no?... Emily

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What subtopics of geography do you need to become a pilot?

You dont need geography to become a pilot but if you take it you will want physical geography

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How does one get an airline job?

The best way to find out if you meet the qualifications for a job on an airline is by looking through the qualifications for different types of airline jobs. Positions such as baggage handlers, gate personnel, and flight attendants would most likely not need any specific qualifications. You can also contact the airline you are considering applying to to ask which jobs you may perform with your education and work experience.

Do you need biology to become a pilot?


What subjects do you need to be good in to become a pilot?

Well in order to be a pilot in secondary school u would need 5 gcse's between C and A* 2 a- levels preferbly with phyics and science....( in college ) and get a degree in university then u would appy for a airline then take it from there!