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We know "unsuitable" can be a bit vague, so if you're wondering what Answers' standards are, we're here to explain!

What is considered "unsuitable" subject matter on Answers? Any question that is asking for answers that contains any of the following:

1. Questions providing personal information (this is for your safety - both the question asker AND the answerer).

2. Questions that contain personal information such as e-mail addresses, social security numbers, home addresses, or full name of non-celebrities.

3. Questions of a sexual nature that are offensive. These questions should be of an educational nature, and not written exclusively to offend or shock. Please see our Sexual Health and Education category for examples of appropriate questions.

4. Questions designed to be inflammatory, with little or no informational value.

5. Questions asking for usernames, passwords, or accounts on any internet community website.

If you believe that the question you asked is suitable for Answers.com and should be answered on the site, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com (no spaces) and request that it be allowed.
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What is the longest question on WikiAnswers?

200 Characters Is the Limit 200 characters (i.e., letters, numbers, spaces and symbols) is the limit. There are a number of questions of this exact length on WikiAnswers.

Where do you find the newest WikiAnswers questions?

See Related Links . See the Related Links for "Recent site changes" to the bottom for the answer.. Also, click on the "WikiAnswers TM " logo at the top of any page, which takes you to WikiAnswers Home; then click the "Answer Questions" header/link at the top of the right-hand column on that pa ( Full Answer )

Can you answer questions on WikiAnswers?

Yes, questions can be answered by anyone, whether you have an account or not. We encourage you to share your knowledge here on WikiAnswers!

How do you delete a question on WikiAnswers?

Questions on Answers.com are not meant to be deleted, except for extreme cases. Neither registered nor unregistered users can delete questions - not even their own. Questions that may be candidates for deletion actually go through a review process by more than one Supervisor on Answers.com to determ ( Full Answer )

Can you ask a question then answer it on WikiAnswers?

Yes. That is within Wiki.Answers policies. You just post a question like normal and then find it and answer it! It's that simple It is called pre-answering a question and is definitely allowed if not encouraged. You never know if someone is interested in something you might post but simply has not ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers not answer all your questions when they should?

Although Wiki Answers is a vastly growing community, there are times when there are an overload of questions. Sometimes the contributors just simply cannot get to answering them all. Sometimes, nobody knows the answers. If you ask silly, inappropriate, or questions that do not have enough informatio ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers not answer my question?

It may take time for the WikiAnswers community to give you an answer to your question. Sometimes your question may have been answered already in a different wording. Wiki Answers is a website where you can ask a question and most of the time find the answer. All people 13 and up can provide the ( Full Answer )

Can you answer a question on WikiAnswers?

Yes Yes, of course! Simply click on the orange button that states "Answer Question". Yes they can but be warned, WikiAnswers will lie I have proof! My friend said one time that she looked up what a thunderstorm was made up of and it said BANANA'S!

Where are your questions on WikiAnswers?

After your question is typed into the box at the top that says 'enter a question or phrase' and is submitted WikiAnswers will ask what categories you would like to place the question into. After selecting the categories and clicking on okay the question will be placed in those categories. If you ( Full Answer )

Why do you answer questions on WikiAnswers?

The Joy of Answering Our contributors tell us why they answerquestions: . Because it's fun, and it gives people a chance to share (andsometimes, to show off) their knowledge. . It makes you feel good inside. . You are addicted to answering questions. . You want to get that pretty "Ruby Con ( Full Answer )

What is an unsuitable question?

On WikiAnswers, an unsuitable question is any question that violates our Terms of Use in any way, or is otherwise useless to the community. Remember, an unsuitable question doesn't necessarily have to be offensive to be deemed unsuitable. A question can be deemed unsuitable for any of the following ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers answer questions?

WikiAnswers answers questions because they liked to help people who cannot answer certain questions. ... but sometimes, us Wikianswerers would like Wikiquestioners to do a bit of work for themselves - like doing their own term papers (!)

Why does WikiAnswers never answer the question properly?

If people feel that a question has not been asked to their best, some people would report or flag the question for it to be put as a flagged question so that it can be improved upon, feel free to contact another contributor in hopes that he or she could improve it, I'm sure there is someone that cou ( Full Answer )

How do you answer a question on WikiAnswers when it blocks you for no reason?

It is highly unlikely that a registered user was blocked for no reason. However if you feel you were treated unfairly then write to CommunityAdvisor @ Answers.com (no spaces) giving your username and the details of your complaint or dispute. If you were un-registered and were blocked then you can ( Full Answer )

Why are there alternates for questions on WikiAnswers?

Alternates are so that there is one answer for a question, regardless of the wording of which it is asked with. For example, the question 'What color is the sky' can also be asked as 'What is the sky's color'. It's the same question meaning, but with different wording. With alternates, all the diffe ( Full Answer )

What are some drawbacks to WikiAnswers questions?

The questions in WikiAnswers are limited in their length and the use of punctuation (no parentheses, double quotation marks, or + and division mathematical operators). All of these are related to how the programming compares and locates a question. (see related question)

Does WikiAnswers give fake questions?

No, the site itself does not give fake questions, but some contributors do on occasion give "fake" questions, depending on how you define the word fake. You can find questions about Purple space aliens, loaves of Brad (sic), how to become a computer, how to become a fictional or supernatural charact ( Full Answer )

What questions are WikiAnswers removing?

Questions are ALWAYS removed or moved to the 'Catch-All Questions' category or in the sub-categories if the question does not either make sense, offensive, not enough information etc.

Where do you ask questions on WikiAnswers?

Use the big white box at the top to type in a question. Make sureit begins with a question word. If your question matches another question presented, make sure toselect the question.

Is it acceptable to answer your own question on WikiAnswers?

Answering Your Own Questions Absolutely. You may answer your own questions (as long as the questions abide by the Community Guidelines). You can help build the knowledge base by asking questions and then answering them with facts you find from other sources. If you want to help by asking and answe ( Full Answer )

Can you put opinion questions in WikiAnswers?

You can, but questions like that would be better suited for a Q&A site that allows people to post separate answers to questions, such as Yahoo Answers, Quora, or Aardvark. Questions on WikiAnswers can ask for opinions though. When questions do ask for opinions, people can post their separate opinion ( Full Answer )

Do you have to answer questions to be on WikiAnswers?

No, it is not necessary to answer questions to be a member of WikiAnswers. While we encourage members to ask and answer questions, it is not required. There are other opportunities available on WikiAnswers, and we are growing all the time. Take a look at the Community Forum. Make use of your bio ( Full Answer )

Why ask a question on WikiAnswers that has no relevance?

Because someone like me is sure to answer it ____ That has no relevance to what? Some people just are having a good time, asking funny questions, which we allow. Other people's questions might not be relevant to you, but they are usually relevant to them. We aren't all on the same level of kno ( Full Answer )

Why are your questions answered on WikiAnswers?

Your questions are answered on WikiAnswers because this is a question and answer site, and we feel like if you asked a question, you probably wanted an answer.

What is the hardest unanswered question on WikiAnswers?

The hardest questions to answer are those that are poorly written and are not easy to understand exactly what the questioner wants to know. For instance, you would not want to ask "Super Bowl this year?" We don't know if you are asking where it will be, what time it begins, what teams are playing, w ( Full Answer )

How can an unanswered question be deleted from WikiAnswers?

Both unanswered and answered questions are treated the same on WikiAnswers.com and on Answers.com-- if the question is appropriate, it stays on the site. Inappropriate questions are deleted, or if possible they are re-worded to make the question appropriate. The Help Center has information about the ( Full Answer )

Where can you find the answer for your question in WikiAnswers?

When you type a question on Wikianswers, the question will go under a category to the left called "My contributions." When you click that option, there will be a drop-down menu that allows you to click on "Questions (asked)." Once you click that, you can see all of the questions that you have asked ( Full Answer )

How should you interpret questions on WikiAnswers?

Questions should be interpreted at face value; if there are obvious spelling errors (such as using "dose" in place of "does") then fixing those errors may make the question more answerable. If you are unsure of what a question is asking, it's best not to answer it.

Where are your questions asked on WikiAnswers?

When you ask a question on WikiAnswers, if it doesn't get filtered for inappropriate language or something else, it will show up on the home page. After it ages off the home page (if it doesn't get answered), then it will show up on whatever category pages it is assigned to.

How do you watch questions on WikiAnswers?

To watch questions on WikiAnswers, if you are on a Question's Home Page, click "Get Updates" and you will now receive updates when the answer has been edited, answered, etc. To view/change your watchlist, go to the blue tool bar to the left of the page. Then, under "My pages" at the bottom, click "M ( Full Answer )

How can you ask questions on WikiAnswers?

You can ask questions by writing the question in the box at the top of the page, then click "Go". If the question has already been asked, you will be given some choices. If you want to know how to write good questions, go to the Help center by clicking on the circle with the question mark in it ( Full Answer )

Is this question suitable for WikiAnswers?

Any question that is appropriate is legitimate to WikiAnswers. Make sure you need the question answered. For example I have seen questions like: How do you eat a road? Are tables edible? How many letters in the word letter? These are useless and inappropriate questions for the WikiAnswer ( Full Answer )

What questions are unsuitable to ask on WikiAnswers?

Questions that are unsuitable to ask on WikiAnswers are personal information questions. (Personal information questions are questions like "how old are you","what is your name"'or"where do you live" What is Celebrities phone number or address). . Questions about hacking websites and any other Ill ( Full Answer )

Are all questions on WikiAnswers good questions?

Unfortunately not all questions that are asked are good questions some need to be trashed, that is why there are supervisors. It might be because they might not have enough information to answer or that they just are not appropriate for WikiAnswers.

How come there are no questions in 'WikiAnswers FAQ Questions'?

Yes, there are no questions in ' Wiki Answers >FAQ Questions' category, as y ou cannot post a question under this category . . If '. FAQ Questions ' can be grouped under ' Wiki Answers > Categories', then the the appropriate questions you ask can be categorized accordingly. . See th ( Full Answer )