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what is your name? what sports he plays and what Video Games he likes?


We all go through this and dating is mind bending adventure at best. The mistake most of us make is looking in the mirror to see what we look like when we smile, what facial expressions we should use, etc. Then we have to think of what to talk about and what not to talk about. My God, it's like a scientific expedition! LOL Forget all that! Have confidence in yourself. If you have good hygiene, your hair is done nicely, your make-up is on (less is best) or you wear no make-up, then put your best foot forward. Young men (even older ones) will look at a girl that is what they classify as a #10 and dressed perhaps in designer clothes or at least high quality clothes, but the odd thing about the male species is they all say one thing, "I love a good old fashioned girl." I talk to a lot of young people and the biggest complaint the young men have is "The girls are too into their weight, diets, and too silly."

So, the simple formula for dating is to do what comes naturally. So you dribble something down the front of your blouse while out eating ... make a joke about it because laughter is the cure all for almost anything. So you belch at the wrong time, or you're terrified you'll "freeze up." Most guys love music, movies and of course sports. If you really like this guy and you find out he loves football, then go on the net and learn about football and some of the players. I did. I astound many of my husband's friends, but to tell you the truth seeing a bunch of sweating, grunting men getting their knees wrecked, and seeing them at the bottom of the pile of 4 or 5 200+ pound players doesn't turn my crank. I learn, so I can keep in the conversation if I'm surrounded totally by men. You don't have to love it to learn about it.

Start off by asking him if he's lived in the same place all his life or has he traveled. He'll probably give you a short run-down. In this day and age it's important your family or friends know who you are dating and what their first and last name is (for your own safeties sake.) The guy is probably a great person, but one can never be too careful. Then start with what type of music he likes and what type of movies. Let nature run it's course and don't try so hard. Remember, it's also up to him to share with you and find out your likes and dislikes.

Most people are very, very shy and although some have it down to a fine art of not showing they are shy and they appear confident ... trust me when I say we all have our fears of failure in relationships. Keep that in mind and that person looking at you isn't 100% confident and they have butterflies flying around in their own stomachs. In my 63 years I've learned that most of us are made out of the same mold and we all have the same feelings and once you learn that, the rest is easy.

Good luck Marcy

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Q: What questions should you ask a guy you first meet?
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