What qulifications do you need to be to become a immigration officer?

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A bachelor's degree is not required for admission to ICE training, but the benefits of a college education, including communication skills and language or criminal justice knowledge will be important.
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What classes do you need to take to become a probation officer?

Education and training. A bachelor's degree in social work, criminal justice, psychology, or a related field is usually required. Some employers require a master's degree in criminal justice, social work, psychology, or a related field for candidates who do not have previous related experience. Dif ( Full Answer )

What do you need to do to become an immigration lawyer?

In Australia you need to be trained through a Graduate Certificate in Immigration Law and then be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Otherwise you can become a lawyer and then register as an agent to provide this advice..

How do I become an Immigration Officer in Australia?

Answer . "Immigration Officer" is a generic term covering jobs such as Immigration Enforcement Agent, Adjudications Officer, Immigration Information Officer, or Detention Officer. Each position requires a slightly different backgrounds in terms of education, and physical abilities and hire at e ( Full Answer )

Qulifications needed to be a divorce lawyer?

Answer . you will need to have a degree of LLB which takes four years to complete and after complition you must go to a LAW school for six months and then you will have to write a board examination and after passing you wiil be admitted as an attorney and you must also serve articles for aperiod ( Full Answer )

What do you need to become a loan officer?

Loan officer positions generally require a bachelor's degree in finance, economics, or a related field. Banking, lending, or sales experience is highly valued by employers. Most employers also prefer applicants who are familiar with computers and their applications in banking. Loan officers without ( Full Answer )

What do you need to do to become a police officer?

Pass the 20 week academy including everything that goes along with it. ANSWER Earn a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice or Psychology. Apply for the job and if hired graduate from the academy. Also you need to stay out of trouble and avoid recreational drug usage.

How do you become a immigration officer in Australia?

To become an immigration officer in Australia you will have to do a graduate certificate course that lasts for about 6 months. You will then become registered with MARA the Migration Agents Registry Authority. The Migration Institure of Australia govern the membership of Migration Agents.

How do you become an Immigration officer in Canada?

You have to impersonate one for a long enough time and then the elected officials will grant you the privilege of officiating immigration in one of the finest countries in the world.

What GCSE do you need to become a police officer?

you need grades from C and above =). you don't need any qualifications you just need the relevant life skills and a high level of physical fitness to join a UK force i recently applied for Gwent myself

Do you need gcse's to become a police officer?

You do not need any GCSE's to enter the police force, you may need a lot of experience and time to learn to become one. However its important that your fit.

What education you need to become a correctional officer?

Most states only require a high school diploma or GED. A degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Sociology or Psychology would be very beneficial if you wanted to promote to the ranks of supervisors and administrators.

What qulification are needed if you want to become a nurse that works in hospitals?

Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants needed ASAP for various nurseries in the Milton Keynes area. Assistants do not need any qualifications but must have previous experience working with under 5's. Nursery Nurses must have NVQ 2 or 3 with expe...Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants needed AS ( Full Answer )

What Subjects do you need to become a Police Officer?

A normal high school education. If it's a large city, you will be sent to a Police Academy to learn other things. Small towns teach you on the job. . It depends. . . . Some states require certification which requires attending a police academy. (Texas now even requires elected constables becom ( Full Answer )

Do you need any qulifications values to become a king?

Since Kings are not elected, you would need to be the son of the current King or perhaps some other blood relative, and raised and taught to ultimately be the King.. Alternatively, as history has repeatedly shown, any motivated individual with suitably motivated and armed supporters can become King ( Full Answer )

What are the qualities needed to become a police officer?

Qualities needed for police: 1. The ability to handle stress 2. A reasonable amount of physical fitness 3. An ethically sound view of the role he or she plays in the criminal justice system 4. Good computer and technical skills 5. The ability to think quickly

Why did so many Irish immigrants become police officers?

When the Irish first began coming to America we were considered to be subhuman- less than the English and Dutch immigrants who came before us. Many business even had sign proclaiming "no Irish allowed". We were often referred to as Micks, or Paddy's. Work was hard to find for many Irish, so we took ( Full Answer )

What are the qulifications needed for a person to become president?

1. be at least 35 years old 2. be a natural-born US citizen* 3. live in the US for 14 years. * The Constitution specifically states that one must be a "natural-born" US citizen not "native-born." "natural born " is not defined by the Constitution and has not definitively been defined by the Sup ( Full Answer )

What qualifications do you need to become a customs officer?

To become a United States customs officer you must have abachelor's degree, or three years work experience for those withoutbachelor's degrees for entry-level positions. You must be able topass a fitness test, and have the ability to handle firearms.

To become a police officer do you need math?

You don't really need math to become a police officer. Geo helps you reconstruct accidents so that will help you if you want to be a police officer.

What do you need to do to become a probation officer?

Check with the state in which you are seeking employment as a probation officer. The requirements may vary from state to state. . Earn a degree in criminal justice or social work. Most states require a minimum of a bachelor's degree however, some may require a master's degree. . Complete a ser ( Full Answer )

What courses do you need to become a marine officer?

I talked to my SMI in my MCJROTC Program about this and he said it all depends on the MOS you want. 4 years of college, or a bachelor's degree, is what it takes to be CONSIDERED for OCS. For example, if you wanted to be an Intel officer in the Marine Corps, you would probably want to take some kind ( Full Answer )

What qulifications do you need to be a dentist?

a sound knowledg of science objects. a flair communcaiting and buliding a good rapport with all kinds of people. the ability to concentrate for long periods. good eyesight. manual dexterity. a sympathic manner, to put anixous patients at ease. IT skills. management and business skills,for bul ( Full Answer )

What qualities do you need to become a police officer?

you need to be strong,fast,energetic, good team player,understanding, motivated, here is how you Become a Police Officer in Five Steps . Step 1 - Earn your high school diploma : In order to become a police officer, you must first complete your high school education. Take courses in the behavioral s ( Full Answer )

Do you need qulifications to sell cakes to the public?

In order to legally sell cakes to the public one must first have a business license. The preparation and baking area for the cakes must be inspected by the county board of health and in most states at least one manager on duty must have Serve Safe or other food safety Certification to understand hea ( Full Answer )

What education do you need to become a Chief Executive Officer?

Your going to need nothing less than a bachelor's degree in business. Of course having your masters is a super plus! There are some CEO's that got there on there business savvy as oppose to a degree. Business is funny like this..... You find/create/make/endorse something to sell and you pitch it to ( Full Answer )

What you need to become a probation officer?

Pass the police entry requirements tests. To pass the tests it would be wise to consider doing College or University courses such as Public Services, Policing or maybe Criminology

What do you need to become a veterinary corps officer?

The primary qualification is to be a graduate of an accredited College of Veterinary Medicine and have a license to practice veterinary medicine. After that, you apply to the Corps and have your application reviewed to ensure you are physically, mentally, emotionally and educationally fit for duty.

What qulifications do you need to be a singer and how long would it take?

Anyone can be a singer, but it takes years to master the art. The capability is there from the time you're born, but it takes proper coaching to establish safe, solid fundamental technique to turn a "singer" into a "professional" or "star." I may be biased, but it is my opinion that classical fo ( Full Answer )

What qulification do you need to be a care worker to help old people?

In the US, thequalifications of a home caregiver through must meet the followingrequirements: · Must have a minimum of 2 years of actual paid work experience asa care provider in a senior facility or private home. · Must have all Employment Eligibility Documents (such asCalifornia ID/Driver' ( Full Answer )

What are the requirements needed to become a probation officer?

A bachelors degree in criminal justice is recommended, degrees in psychology, sociology, or political science can also suffice. It is also required that one be 21 or older with no prior felonies. Additionally, reading, writing, and interpersonal skills are recommended, as the job can involve a fai ( Full Answer )

Do you need a degree become police officer?

It depends on what type of police you want to become. For example RCMP, FBI, or even a security, including customs & border may ask you to do certain courses from 1-5 years.

What subjects do you need to study to become an immigration officer?

You would need a bachelor's degree in any subject. However, thereare certain skills you would need that you might take courses tohelp you with. These are: Communication [speech], criticalthinking, reading comprehension [literature classes], socialperceptiveness [Anthropology, marketing], judgment an ( Full Answer )