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Interestingly, while Africans made up most of the slave population, there was another, more unique source of slaves. Debtors and prisoners of war of any race could be made to work as a slave. In the case of those unable to pay debts, they were specifically made to work for the person they owed to until it was worked off.

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How did slaves arrive in Texas?

Some slaves came with their owners when they were settlers. Others came [were actually shipped] from the Colombian Exchange. Others that were legal settlers became slaves because of their race.

What race of people were slaves?


What race were used as slaves?


Were slaves born in Africa?

Not all slaves were born in Africa. Slaves did not all have to be black. They could be any race or color.

How did race and slavery come to be almost synonymous.was it not possible to extand slavery to white person.?

Race and slavery have become almost synonymous because slaves were all the same race. If the majority of slaves were white, this could have extended to the Caucasian race.

Who were indigenous to Africa besides the pygmies?

the human race

What race are slaves?

Slaves are all races: White, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian.

What race of people were slaves in America?

black people

Which ethnic group was to the Caribbean to work as slaves?

Race: The black race: Ethnicity: West Africans

How did the mix race get started?

The slave owners raped the slaves

What race was the first to sell slaves in Jamestown Virginia?


Why did Benjamin Franklin own slaves?

It was very common during his era for colonist to own African slaves. Many considered Africans to be an inferior (not as smart) race compared to whites. Franklin used his two slaves to help him in his newspaper business. He did eventually change his mind on slavery and not only freed his slaves, but became a dedicated abolishionist (someone who fights against slavery).

What Race consciousness became a strong issue in Europe as a result of?

Race consciousness became a strong issue in Europe as a result of colonial expansion.

Why can whites not slaves?

Whites can be slaves. Throughout most of human history, slaves were of conquered groups and race was not tied to slavery. However, once the Americas were colonized by Europe, they imported slaves from Africa to farm (because Native Americans were either killed by disease or would run away) and thus, slavery became based on being of African descent rather than on being captured.

Where is the building in Savannah Ga where slaves were sold?

Most slaves were sold at the Race-Course near the City of Savannah, Georgia.

What race were the slaves?

In ancient times all races were enslaved.

Who said slaves should be free?

Me way can't my race be free.

Why did race based slavery develop in colonies?

It had more to do with pure coincidence than race. Black people were not slaves because they were black, they were slaves because black people were selling other black people.

What are slave called?

Slaves. If you are reffering to their race/skin color of northern american slaves in the 1800's then they are called 'African Americans'

Was whites used in slave trade?

It's not as published as the African American slaves, but yes they certainly were. Every race, or religion were slaves to another race or religion at some point. The Irish were white, and they were enslaved and sold as well.

How evolution affects you?

That's how the human race became what it is.

How did slavery become linked with racism?

slavery was limited to one particular race thus identifying that race as "slave race" and disdain for associating with said race became racism

What race besides mixed race is a person who has one white parent and one black parent?

The older, more offensive term is "mulatto." Today they would be called a "person of mixed race."

What other race besides Jews were put into concentration camps?

gypsies, trade unionists and homosexuals

What was slavery like in China?

slavery was hard and cruel like it was in America, but it was not based on race it was based on wealth. and the people who couldn't pay for housing or food became slaves. it was meant to be that the slaves were to be treated fairly and got the same food as their masters but eventually the masters got greedy and treated them harshly and sold/bought them like animals.

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