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White. They have the highest discrimination percentage. Asians and Hispanics are the least, they have the least discrimination percentage.


It's historical record, if you use the term race to judge people then you yourself have become a racist. Ironically the very outstanding human group (called "whites") that gave today's world understanding about racial differences and how to interact between them have been seen in the end as the most racist "race", the more you get busy with how to divide humanity the more racist you'll become.

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Q: What race is most racist?
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Who is the most racist race?

Each and every race has its problems, prejudices, and it's problem members. Trying to label anyone as 'most racist' is not a step to a solution.

If you're racist against racists are you a racist and is that a paradox?

Racists aren't one race, so to have a disdain for them isn't really racist at all; however, if you have a disliking for the racist's race regardless if a person of the same race is even racist, then yes, you are yourself a racist.

Who are we racist to?

You are only racist if you are against a different race than you are.

Was Clara Barton racist?

No,she was not racist. She was a helper of every race.

Meaning of racist?

A racist is a person who believes that one race is superior or greater than another. race

Is it racist to dislike a racist?

No. It would only be racist if you were to hate the racists' race in return.

Are some Mexicans racist?

Some people of every race are racist.

What do you call someone who is racist towards their own race?

Someone who is racist, whether it be towards their own race or any other is a racist or has a prejudice towards their own race. In Psychology, this kind of racism is called Internalized Racism.

Can the use of race in the market segmentation be considered as racist?

can the use of market segmentation be considered as racist? Is it important to consider race when marketing a product? When is it appropriate to use race and when is it not?

Is dywane Johnson the rock racist?

no he is not .... anyway how can he be racist when his race is in the middle of WHITE AND BLACK

What does racist?

Racist means discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race

Can black people be racist by definition?

Racism is not inclusive to or exclusive from any race. Anyone who discriminates against others negatively based on race is racist regardless of their own race.

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