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Colonel is O6 in the USAF, USA, and USMC. In the Navy, 06 is Captain.

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What is the rank of a lt colonel?

A Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) is above a Major, and below a Colonel. In the US Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force their insignia is a silver oak leaf. US Navy equivalent rank is Commander.

Which air force rank is equivalent to army colonel?

It would also be colonel. The Army, Air Force and Marine Corps all use the same officer ranks. The Navy is the odd service for ranking.

Which has the highest a rank captain or colonel?

This is filed under US ARmy and US Navy, so let me clarify.. A Captain in the Army is pay grade O3, whereas a Colonel in the Army is pay grade O6. Colonel is the higher of the two. The Navy has a different rank structure for officers than the other branches. A Captain in the Navy is 06 - equivalent to Colonel. The rank of Colonel does not exist in the Navy.

What was John McCain's rank when he retired from the Navy?

John McCain's retired from the military with the rank (rating) of US Navy Captain. This is basically equivalent to the rank of Colonel in the Army.

What is higher captain or lieutentant?

Captain (The Navy has a rank of Captain that is equivalent of an Army Colonel, or such.)

What is higher major colonel or captain?

It depends which country and branch of service one is speaking of. The American military does not have the rank of Major-Colonel, the ranks of Major, Lt. Colonel and Colonel all out rank a Captain, unless the Captain is Navy or Coast Guard, then he would be equal in rank to the Colonel. In US Military, in all but the Navy, the order of these three ranks from lowest to highest is: * Captain * Major * Lieutentant Colonel * Colonel A Captiain in the Navy is the equivalent in rank of a Colonel in the Army, USAF or USMC

What Army rank is equivalent to Navy Commander?

Lieutenant Colonel, also for Marine Corp and Air Force. The equivalent ranks are: Army / Marines / Air Force - Lt. Colonel (Silver Oak Leaf) Navy / Coast Guard - Commander (Silver Oak Leaf) Both pay grades are O-5.

Is Commander a rank in the army?

No, there is no rank of commander in the Army. In the Army commander is a title, not a rank. In the Navy, there is a rank of Commander, it is the equivalent of Lt Colonel or O-5.

Is a commander higher in rank than lieutenant?

Yes. Commander in the Navy is a higher rank than Lieutenant (either in the Navy, or any other branch). A Navy Commander is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (O-5). A Navy Lieutenant is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Captain (O-3), while a Navy Lieutenant JG is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine First Lieutenant (O-2). The lowest commissioned officer rank in the Navy is Ensign, which is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Second Lieutenant (O-1). See related link for US Armed Forces officer rank tables.

Who ranks higher captain or comandor?

Commander is a rank exclusive to the Navy. It is the equivalent of an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (O5). A Navy Captain is equivalent to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Colonel (O6), whereas a Captain in the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps is O3. A Navy Captain outranks a Commander, but a Commander outranks an Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain.

Is a commander higher rank than captain?

A Navy or Coast Guard Captain outranks a Navy or Coast Guard Commander... however, a Navy Commander outranks and Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps Captain. Captain in those three branches is O3 - the Navy/Coast Guard equivalent is Lieutenant. In the Navy and Coast Guard, Captain is O6 - the equivalent rank in the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps is Colonel.

What is Captain First Rank in the Russian Navy?

Captain 1st Rank in the Russian Navy is the highest Senior Officers rank, preceded by Captain 2nd Rank and followed by Rear Admiral. It corresponds to the rank of Colonel in the Army and the Air Force.

How much does a navy colonel make?

No such thing...what NAVY rank do you want to know??

What is a captain in the us army equivalent to in the us navy?

A US Army Captain (an O-3) is the equivalent rank and grade of a US Navy Lieutenant (also an 0-3) A Navy Captain is an Army Colonel.

Who is higher Lt Colonel or Lt Commander?

Lt Colonel (Army, Marines, Air Force) is a higher rank because it is a O-5, where a Lt. Commander (Navy, Coast Guard) is an O-4 rank.

Lieutenant colonel in the army equal to which rank in air force?

All equivalent in rank/grade: Lt Col (O-5) in Army Lt Col (O-5) in Air Force Lt Col (O-5) in Marines Commander (O-5) in Navy

Which is a higher rank captain in the army or captain in navy?

The Navy and Coast Guard use a rank system considerably different from that of other military forces. In the Army, Air Force, and Marines, Captain is pay grade O-3. In the Navy, O-3 is Lieutenant. A Captain in the Navy is pay grade O-6, which is equivalent to Colonel in the other branches. Thus, a Navy Captain is of considerably higher rank than an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps Captain.

What is equivelant in British navy for us navy captain?

A Royal Navy Captain is the same as a United States Navy Captain - it's the equivalent of a full Colonel in the armies of both countries. The next rank up is Commodore - Brigadier equivalent.

What is the equivalent naval rank of an army Colonel?

In the US and British armed forces, a Naval Commander is equivalent in rank to an Army Lt. Colonel and a Naval Captain is equivalent in rank to an Army Colonel. Please see the related links.

Do you get a sargent in the navy?

Sargent is a rank in the air force or army. The navy does not have such a rank.

What ranks in the us army is the highest captain or colonel or major?

Colonel is the highest (O-6, meaning Officer, 6th rank). In the Army and Air Force, a captain (O-3) is not as high a rank as in the Navy (O-6).

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