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What ratio of fertilizer to water will help plants grow best?

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Do plants grow best in chemical fertilizer organic fertilizer or no fertilizer?

A mixture of organic and inorganic fertilizers is recommended.

Is water best for plants?

No , there is something called the plant maximizer and it has the nutrients in the liquid already, but you should still but fertilizer in it.

Which topic is correctly stated for a science fair project?

How does ammonia fertilizer affect the growth of corn plants?

Which liquids help plants grow?

I've done a science experiment and i used Organic detergent water, coke, water, liquid fertilizer and salt water. Organic detergent water worked best, then water and fertilizer, then salt, then coke (which the soil went mouldy!!!).

What is the good fertilizer for growing a moneyplant?

The best fertilizer for a moneyplant ( also called a jade plant) is liquid fertilizer diluted at half strength with water. I have found that Miracle Grow works fine for most plants, but there are other brands out there.

What is the best type of fertilizer for centipede lawns?

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are the main nutrients that plants need to survive. Complete fertilizer contains those three ingredients and they are listed clearly as the N-P-K ratio. So, if a package of fertilizer states that its N-P-K ration is 10-6-6, then the fertilizer contains 10% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus, and 6% potassium. Water-soluble nitrogen satisfies the plants needs quickly, while insoluble nitrogen must be broken down by organisms in the soil before the plants can be fully satisfied.

Do plants grow best with liquid solid or powdered fertilizer?


What fertilizer is best for a bean plant?

Plant-tone is a very good all around fertilizer for green bean plants.

Examples of control group?

Every experiment should have at least one control group. For example if the experiment is what fertilizer is best for plants then the control groups would be the type and amount of water, the soil, and the amount of fertilizer.

What plant fertilizer works best on sunflowers?

A normal balanced fertilizer is best for most plants. Just before the plant starts to flower give it some Potash.

Do nitrogen fertilizers work better than no fertilizer?

Any fertilizer is better on poor soil than no fertilizer. too much of any single fertilizer is also bad for plants. Little and often is best.

What is the best way to keep grass green?

water and fertilizer

What Is The Best Fertilizer To Use With Tomatoes?

The best fertilizer is Tomato-Tone fertilizer.

What happens to plants that are not given applications of fertilizer?

Nothing or everything bad happens to plants that are not given applications of fertilizer.Specifically, plants benefit from fertilizer applications when they are getting established or when soil conditions are not their best. Or they can require fertilizer treatments when times are stressed, such as during extreme pest attack or prolonged drought. But they may not need them when soil is adequately aerated, drained, fertile and moist.

When is the best time of day to apply lawn fertilizer in the summer?

Apply fertilizer in the evening when it starts to cool down. Applying fertilizer during the day time can possibly case the leave of the plants to burn where in contact with the fertilizer. It depends on the weather. If you have full sun, it's better to apply fertilizer in the early evening, around 4, so that when you water it in it won't burn up your grass.

What is the best fertilizer for my garden?

The best fertilizer for your garden is the cheapest organic fertilizer. Organic is always the best because they do not put all the chemicals in them as they do with regular fertilizer.

What fertilizer is best for cabbage?

organic fertilizer is the best for cabbages.

How do you fertilize tomatoes?

There are many different types of fertilizer you can use for your tomato plants. However the best fertilizer is Tomato-tone. It has been especially formulated just for tomato plants. There are three important times to fertilize the tomato plants, when transplanting, when fruits are golf-ball sized, and again three weeks later. Water thoroughly and regularly. Good luck with your tomatoes.

What fertilizer is best for plumbago?

Balanced, slow-release, 10-10-10 fertilizer describes the best fertilizer for plumbago. The numbers identify the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratios. The herbaceous plants and shrubs in question need well-drained soils with neutral soil pHs (power of hydrogen) and therefore will not tolerate fertilizers for acid- or alkaline-loving plants.

What is the best fertilizer?

The Best Kind of Fertilizer out in stores right now would be Pre-Emergence Fertilizer which is suppose to be spread on lawns near the Month of February. But, instead of putting that you could have Tru-Green come and do it professionally which would be better. Make sure that after you put your Fertilizer you water the lawn deeply to where it touches the Fertilizer.

What type of water is best for plants?

I think rain water is best for plants because rain water is natural. I think what ever is natural is healthy so thats why I think rain water is the best for plants

Can you water plants with green tea?

Green tea is a plants natural nitrogen as well as a medicine. Plants can be watered with green tea, but the mixture of the water and tea has to be right if not the plants will suffer from nitrogen burn and can cause a severe root rot. Based on my experience, I recommand to brew one tea in a gallon of water and use it for the plants. Use the water and fertilizer at the first watering and use the tea with the water on the second watering. Its best to pour atleast one cup of tea from the gallon mixture of the water and tea in to the plants food and water mixture, the plants will love that. Its a winning choice.

Do plants grow best with water or vinegar?

plants grow better in water

What fertilizer will help plants grow best?

A general fertiliser is best for normal growth. This is a balance between Nitrogen Phosphate and Potash the main food requirements for most plants and trace elements.

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