What really is the life process?

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Why is digestion an important life process?

It is really important, because if there is no digestion we can't get nutrients from food. So digestion is really important to our body.

What is the life process of plants?

Biology is the life process of plants.

What life process do flowers carry out?

Flowers carry out the life process reproduction.

How is socialization a long life process?

who says sociolization is a long life process

Is excretion a life process?

Yes excretion is a life process. It's the removal of waste.

Why is light important to human life?

It's not just the source of vitamin D , it is the raw material essential to many ongoing life process like respiration, photosynthesis etc . . Without which life is really impossible.

What life process do flowers help plants to carry out a life process?

Attracting Bees with their Colours.

Does an organ carry out its own life process?

Yes, organs carry out their own life process.

What life process do consumers use oxygen?

what life process in living things uses oxygen

Breathing out is an example of this life process?

the respritory process

Which life process is shown by the equtation below?

The process shown is the respiration process.

What is Life process?

life is a combination of happiness and sadness.....................

What is process on a computer?


How long does marijuana stay in the system after a year of not smoking?

Marijuana elimination works with a half-life process, meaning that there will always be a really really small amount of THC in your body somewhere. Though after a year you should really be ok for urine tests..

What is metabolic process?

The metabolic process is necessary for life. These are chemical transformations within living organisms that are life-sustaining.

What are the life processes of a horse?

The life process of a horse is similar to other mammals. The zygote is the first life process, then an embryo, fetus, colt, and horse.

What life process do single-celled organisms carry out?

They carry out their ´´Clones´´ Or their babies, or they use Binary Fission. (Not that i really know of.) I had this question for homework. :O)

Is photosynthesis a life process?

Photosynthesis is i think a life process..why? because it is needed to let a plant live... this answer is porbably not accurate

What life process is an example of breathing out carbon dioxide?

It's excretion. It is a life process. an example is that it breathes out carbon dioxide.

What is the basic process of life?


Is reproduction a life process?

Yes, it is.

What is the fundamental link between life and death in your body?

Life is a process ... no process can continue indefinitely ... everything alive dies eventually.

What is biogenises?

Basically the process of generating new life from existing life.

Nearly all ocean life is regulated by the?

Life process of plants.

When does life really begins?

Life begins at conception.