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What reason did the House give for impeaching President Andrew Johnson?

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The ostensible reason the Radical Republicans wanted to impeach President Johnson was because he attempted to fire Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton over disagreements about Reconstruction. Stanton was supposed to be protected by the Tenure of Office Act Congress passed in 1867, that prevented the President from removing from office anyone appointed with and by the "advice and consent" of the Senate. Johnson considered the law unconstitutional and ignored it.

The US Supreme Court eventually agreed with Johnson in Myers v. United States, 272 US 52 (1926) when the Taft Court held the President has exclusive power to remove executive branch officials without the consent of the Senate or any other legislative body. In retrospect, the Court determined the impeachment proceedings against Johnson constitutionally invalid, but that was not part of the holding in Myers.

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According to President Andrew Johnson what was the reason the South began the Civil War?

Wow that's from a FLVS test

Did Andrew Johnson have a vice president?

No. Until 1975, Vice Presidents were not replaced if the office became vacant for any reason.

What was the underlying reason for president Andrew Johnson being impeached?

Andrew Johnson had been Abraham Lincoln's vice President and he became President only as a result of the assassination of Lincoln. Many people regarded this as a kind of coup d'etat, or illegitimate seizure of power, because Johnson was from the defeated South, and it seemed wrong that a Southerner should gain the Presidency by means of assassination, even though Johnson himself was not the assassin.

According to President Andrew Johnson September 18 1865 what was the reason the South began the Civil War?

The South wanted to protect and not to lose their property.

Why were republicans later disappointed when Andrew Johnson became president?

Andrew Johnson had been a Democrat until the Civil War broke out. He had no clout in the Republican Party and was never thought of as a presidential candidate. The only reason that he was vice-president is that Lincoln wanted him on the ticket. He was from Tennessee and thought of as a Southerner. He was far down the list of people that most Republicans wanted as President.

Why did the American people like Andrew Johnson?

Actually not many did like him and neither did Lincoln as his Vice President. A Vice President is often chosen by where he lives because of electoral votes or for another reason.

What was the reason for president Andrew Johnson to stop being president?

His term as president expired and he was not nominated to run for another term. Johnson was chosen by Lincoln to be his vice-president in order to balance the ticket. He was from Tennessee which seceded from the union, so Johnson had no solid political base in the North. He became president when Lincoln died but was never popular with the Republican party bosses. He had some support in the Democratic party but not enough to get the nomination.

What was the official reason congress impeached president Johnson?

He never was impeached. That was President Jackson but he won.

What reason did the house give for impeaching president Johnson?

The house claimed that Johnson had done a number of things wrong but truth is the only true reason they could find to impeach him was he had fired one of his republican cabinet members and the radical republicans feared that he would fire all of his republican member including the sectary of state who was a spy for the radical republicans in congress. congress passed an unaided law saying the president could not fire cabinet members during their term and then claimed that Johnson had broken that law. Johnson was then tried and was not found guilty do to the fact that to other the law seemed silly and Johnson promised to let congress take more control of Washington

What was President Andrew Jackson's middle name?

Andrew Jackson did not have a middle name for some unknown reason.

Who was the first democrat elected president after civil war?

Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln and was a Democrat, but he wasn't elected. It wasn't until Grover Cleveland was elected in 1884 that a Democrat was elected President. I think that back then the winner of the election was named President and the loser of the election became Vice President. That is the reason the Democrat Johnson succeeded the Republican Lincoln.A+: Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland

What were Andrew Jackson's most important accomplishments as president?

Andrew Jackson was a great president who represent the average man he wasn't rich like most presidents. He vetoed many bills for a reason he was a great president.Carl25 says:Andrew is awesome!.

Was Andrew Johnson removed from office?

Andrew Johnson was not removed from office. The senate vote fell one short of the 2/3 requirement for removal. Richard Nixon was the only President to leave his office before his term expired for any reason other than death . Nixon resigned voluntarily rather than face impeachment proceedings.

What did the President Johnson say was the reason for the American involvement in Vietnam?

To stop communist aggression.

What is one reason why Lyndon Johnson and Congress had a close and effective relationship?

Before he became president, Johnson served as majority leader of the Senate.

Did Andrew Johnson leave the union?

NO- Johnson remained loyal. Even when his state of Tennessee seceded , he did not resign his Senate seat. That is one reason why Lincoln picked him as a running mate in 1864.

Why did the Radical Republicans want to impeach President Andrew Johnson?

The Radical Republicans wanted to impeach Tennessee-native President Andrew Johnson because they perceived him to be a Southern sympathizer who wanted to allow the Southern states that had seceded back into the Union immediately and almost unconditionally. They saw Johnson as a threat to their Reconstruction plans. The conflict over Reconstruction was the underlying reason for Johnson's impeachment; the stated reason for impeachment was that he violated the 1867 Tenure of Office Act by (attempting to) fire Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, among other things. In February 1868, the US House of Representatives voted to bring eleven articles of impeachment against Johnson. He was later acquitted at his Senate trial.

Was President Andrew Johnson really impeached?

AnswerAndrew Johnson was impeached (accused of a crime by Congress), but like Bill Clinton, was never convicted, so remained in office.While the accusation of impeachment was due to his violationg the Tenure of Office Act, the real reason was that the radical Republicans wanted him out of office. Johnson was considered a "Southern sympathizer" and was at odds with the Republican Congress because they did not agree with his Reconstruction plans after the Civil War.AnswerYes. Andrew Johnson was really attempted to impeache by the House of Representatives on February 24, 1868. Impeachment only presents charges against a government official; in order to remove someone from office, the impeached official must also be convicted at a Senate trail. President Johnson wasn't convicted because the Senate was one vote short of the two-thirds super majority required.Andrew Johnson was impeached, but not convicted. He served out the remained of his term and left office on March 4, 1869.

Will Obama be impeached?

No, it is very unlikely that President Obama will be impeached, given that he has not committed high crimes and misdemeanors, nor been guilty of treason. Not liking a president is not reason enough to have him impeached or every U.S. president would have faced impeachment due to the people who opposed them. There is thus a very high bar for impeaching a president, and it cannot just be because some people dislike him.

Who was are 17th president and why was he so stubburn?

It was Andrew Johnsona and the only reason was because many people hated him so that's what he did!

Why did the radical republicans disapproved andrew johnson reconstruction plan?

The basic reason that the reconstruction plans of US President Andrew Johnson were rooted in the ideology of the Radical Republicans. They believed that Johnson's plans were far too lenient to the South. Many of the Radicals sought to severely punish the Southern states that had rebelled.

What president was impeached for firing secretary of state?

There was no President of the United States that was impeached for firing his Secretary of State. Perhaps you mean Andrew Johnson, the 17th President of the United States from 1865-1869, who was impeached for removing Edward Stanton, the Secretary of War. This violated a recently passed law, the Tenure of Office Act, which stated that the President couldn't remove cabinet members from their positions. The law was also quite unconstitutional, and was passed for the sole purpose of finding a reason to impeach Johnson, who was unpopular with the Republican Party. Although Johnson was impeached, he was later acquitted, and retained the office of the presidency until the next election cycle, when he chose not to run.

The unpopularity of the Vietnam War may have been the major reason what president chose not to run for another term?

Lydon B. Johnson.

How did President Johnson try to find a solution to the Vietnam War?

Johnson was given the reason he needed to order bombing raids on North Vietnam. As president and commander-in-chief he would have been seen as a weak leader if he had not, but still some thought that it was the wrong choice. -

Why did President Johnson believed it was necessary to go to war in Vietnam?

Probably the same reason Kennedy did, to defeat the communist threat in southeast Asia .