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What reason did Brutus have for killing Caesar?

Caesar's ambitious

What Brutus ask the crowd?

Brutus is not in hamlet, hes in Julius Caesar..... he asks the crowd to trust him and believe he had good reason for killing Caesar and be on his side and believe that it was for the better of the people.

What reason did brutus give for killing Caesar?

To stop Caesar from gaining too much that he would not become brutal.

Why is Casca eager to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy?

Caesar did not fear Brutus and loved Brutus, thinking Brutus was trustworthy and an honorable man. The conspirators wanted Brutus since Brutus did not have a reason to kill Caesar for personal reasons. Brutus and his family was thought as honorable so with Brutus in charge and thinking he was killing Caesar for the good of Rome would persuade the plebeians in thinking the killing of Caesar was not for envy of power but for the good of the people.They wanted Brutus so the people would not think of them as murders but instead heroes. Cassius wanted to kill Caesar since Caesar was very arrogant in his power and was blood thirsty to get even more power. For Cassius being a deep thinker on things made Caesar cautious around cassius. Cassius did not like that Caesar was made out to be god like. (Casca also resented Caesar for this reason).

Why is the emphasis put on Brutus in Julius Caesar?

Because Brutus is the main character of the play. Caesar isn't; he dies halfway through. There is a reason why we are watching Brutus and not Caesar while Caesar is thrice refusing a kingly crown.

What reason does Brutus give for murdering Caesar?

Because brutus was told that caesar betrayed rome, or would betray it by fulfilling his amition to become king.

What was Brutus reason for not killing mark Antony?

It would be to bloody.

What Arguments did brutus make to kill Caesar?

One main reason was to prevent Caesar from becoming a king or a dictator.

Why did Brutus murder Caesar?

Well one reason i heard of which is not the total reason is because Brutus convinced himself to think that by Caesar dying, The empire would become better. But also Cassius was persuading him to so he went on with it like.

What was brutus's tragic flaw?

Brutus' flaw is his naivete because he easily trusts Cassius and the other conspirators. He also thinks that the conspirators are killing Caesar for the same reason as him (which is for the good of Rome).

Why Is Julius Caesar the title of Julius Caesar?

The most important character in Julius Caesar is not Julius Caesar, but it is Marcus Brutus. The reason why Shakespeare put Julius Cesar as the title is simply because it was more appropriate. It is the killing of Julius Caesar, which supplies the motive for the play. The death of Julius Caesar takes place before the middle of the play, however, his spirit dominates the entire work. It is the spirit of Julius Caesar, alive or dead, that supplies the struggle for Brutus and fellow conspirators.

What was Brutus' reason for not killing Mark Antony?

It would be too bloody

What does Brutus say about killing Marc Antony?

It is unnecessary He doesnt want to kill Marc Antony because he doesnt want it to seem as if these conspirators wanted to just kill these political leaders. Brutus believed that it was only necessary to kill Caesar. The reason for that is Brutus thought Rome should remain a republic.

What errors in judgment does brutus make?

when Cassius warned brutus to kill Antony, Brutus refused saying that Antony is, but a limb of Caesar.Also he believed that when Brutus tells Antony the reason why they killed Caesar, Antony will be their ally.the other error of Brutus was that he let Antony to speak at Caesar's funeral. and this was a huge mistake.

What reason does caesars ghost give for coming to visit brutus?

Caesar's ghost says he comes to tell Brutus that he (Brutus) will see him (the ghost) at Philippi. But this is not what he means. What he means is that Caesar will be revenged on Brutus at Philippi

What does Brutus say is the only reason he will rebel against Caesar?

Cassius tricks Brutus into thinking that the people don't want Caesar as their leader and that the people want Brutus so he is doing it for the good of Rome and so that Caesar doesn't go down a road of political tyranny. It's for the good of Rome.

What examples of appeals to reason did Brutus use in his speech at Caesars funeral?

One example of how Brutus used the appeal of reason was wen he said that if Caesar was still alive then they would all be slaves and that they would all die as slaves if Caesar wasn't dead.

How does Brutus feel at the beginning of the play about Caesar?

Brutus doesn't really have much if an opinion of Caesar. He doesn't envy or hate him and he considers him as a friend and vice versa with Caesar. The only reason why he joined the conspiracy to kill Caesar is for the good of Rome, while the rest of the conspirators kill him our of envy.

What reasons did brutus give for not killing Antony?

Brutus is an honorable man. He does not deisre to kill unless it is absolutely necessary. He doesn't want to kill Antony because he believes that Caesar is the only threat to Rome's security, and that Antony cannot do anything without Caesar around. They were only concerned with stopping Caesar from becoming a king. He doesnt want to kill Marc Antony because he doesnt want it to seem as if these conspirators wanted to just kill these political leaders. Brutus believed that it was only necessary to kill Caesar. The reason for that is Brutus thought Rome should remain a republic. ("Antony is but a limb of Caesar) Also, he thinks that it is too brutal to kill Antony along with Caesar.

What do Brutus's words suggest about his character?

Brutus' language throughout Shakespeare's tragedy shows his reverence ofJulius Caesar, believe it or not. This comes as a surprise to most people, because Brutus actually delivers the final stab to Caesar. Brutus has always liked Caesar, but as a friend. He feels that he can't stand around and let Rome fall into a monarchy or dictatorship and him not do anything, so he joins the conspiracy against Caesar. Brutus feels like his Public Responsibility comes before his Personal Responsibility. Brutus is actually a very noble man, contradictory to his name, and Shakespeare set it to be this way. By summarizing or paraphrasing the play into terms one can understand, it becomes visible that Brutus regrets what he believes he must do to better Rome, but has to do it anyways, again showing his nobility and his Public responsibility over Personal Responsibility.Marcus Brutus was a friend to Julius Ceasar, but not good enough. He had moral values dealing with Rome and its people. Brutus' values then made him join as an conspiracy against Ceasar put together with Cassius. Brutus joined this mainly because he didn't Ceasar to turn hisd back on Rome so that there would be a reasonable reason for killing Ceasar. If Brutus wasn't in the play, there would be no "Tragedy " in The Tragedy of Julius Ceasar.

Who did Caesar say et tu brute to?

Caesar said "Et tu Brute"( You also Brutus) to Marcus Brutus when he saw that Brutus, his dear friend who was his heart, was also stabbing him...he lost all hope and reason to live when he saw his best friend betraying him and gave up on his life with these words.

What does Caesar's reason for sparing the lives of Cassius and Brutus tell you about Caesar?

It proves dat Caesar was very proud, over-confident and he treated himself like GOD

What is the reason for Brutus wanting to make an offensive march to phillipi?

In "Julius Caesar", Brutus suggests they march to Philippi to meet the triumvirate's army immediately. He thinks taking the offensive will catch them off guard.hope this helps

Why does Brutus join the conspirators and assassinate Caesar?

Brutus thinks he is doing the best thing for his country Rome.Mainly, Brutus was convinced by another conspirator that Caesar was actually harmful for Rome, and everyone knows that for a Roman citizen, then and now, the best for the country always came first. So Brutus, who considered Caesar more than just a close friend, was led to believe that Caesar was corrupt, and did the only thing sensible, which was of course, to kill Caesar.. The reason for the conspirators was that instead of a one man assassination hit, it was a formulated plan with members of their, what today we would call, congress had conceived, and thus, were capable to draw support from the populace and not look like traitors to their country.

Julius Caesar what are the reasons of his death Julius Caesar?

The main reason is that Brutus believed he was ambitious. Antony does through in some good points how he wasn't ambitious. Caesar was apparently [from Brutus's point of view] power hungry and would make Rome corrupt.

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