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Q: What reason were there for the building of the Berlin Wall?
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The Berlin Crisis precipitated the building of the?

Berlin wall.

Why did the U.S get involved in the building of the Berlin Wall?

The U.S. government was NOT involved in any way with the building of the Berlin Wall!

Which side gained from building the Berlin Wall?

West Berlin

Why did the Soviet Union order the building of the Berlin Wall?

The Soviet Union ordered the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961 for primarily one reason: to prevent further emigration of East Germans and other persons within Soviet-controlled areas of Europe. Prior to the building of the wall, large numbers of persons dissatisfied with Soviet governance escaped to the West via West Berlin; the Berlin Wall blocked this escape route.

What is NATO's role in the Berlin wall?

The Berlin Wall no longer exists.NATO had no role in its building, upkeep or policing.

Who was president during the building of the Berlin Wall?


Who was involved in building the Berlin Wall?

USA & Soviet Union

Who was Germany's president after the Berlin Wall?

The West German President during and after the building of the Berlin Wall was Theodore Heuss (1949-1959).

What leader was directly responsible for building the Berlin Wall?

Darth Vader

What reason for the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 was to?

does anyone know???

What was the reason for the Berlin Blockade?

The Berlin Wall was built to keep East Germans from leaving East Germany.

Which statement is false in regard of the building the Berlin wall?

The citizens of West Berlin were moving to East Berlin, taking jobs away from the East Germans.

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