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I searched for a while and ordered a 2" receiver from CURT ( It fit well with the exception of the muffler tapped on one of the bolts. I extended the rubber muffler hanger with a $5 generic from the auto parts store - perfect. with the 2" receiver, I can use a 'swing-away' bike rack. Ditto. The Honda hitch is only 1.25" and requires drilling. the Curt is 2" and no drilling. I just put a plastic cap over the offending bolt and it makes no sound when the muffler taps it. I also bought a swing-away bike rack (Thule Trailblazer from 2002 CR-V Concur with the comments about both Curt being the right choice and the souce. I bought my Curt through and have been quite pleased with the results on both counts. I must admit that my reason for getting the 2X2 inch Curt over the factory offering was because I already have a bunch of 2X2 inch hitch items, and couldn't see any reason to buy into the smaller size "just because". The Curt bolts right in - no cutting at all. Just to take care of a bit of flexing, though (the CR-V "frame" where the Curt unit bolts into is not what one would call rigid channel steel by any stretch of the imagination)I took it to a welding shop and had the forward edge of the receiver welded to the triangular shipping tie-down. On the Curt, the forward opening of the 2X2 inch receiver fits right over the edge of the tie-down bracket. I had the shop fabricate a metal-to-metal connector that took advantage of the proximity the tie-down bracket without blocking the end (didn't want a pocket for accumulated mud/ice/snow.) I have used the hitch to pull a U-Haul trailer several times, mostly loaded with apartment furnishings for our college-age children. BTW, Curt also makes the CR-V Draw-Tite hitch sold by U-Haul and others. 2004 CR-V. Agree, Curt is the best option for looks, installation ease, 2", and integrity. Regarding Paragraph #1: Instead of an extended muffler hanger (which is basically a big rubber band) it is much easier and exact to just bend the hook from which the hanger hangs to get rid of the bolt interference. Very happy w/mine. Ebay ~135. but I think it came from that same vendor I think they have a pic of installed hitch on crv.

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Q: What receiver hitch should you buy for a Honda CRV?
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