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You can usually tell by the upkeep of the apartment building. As far as your landlord's character try talking to some of the other tenants.

2006-12-08 00:02:17
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Renting an apartment in Indianapolis In with evictions?

Renting an apartment in Indianapolis, IN when there have been prior evictions can sometimes be tricky. It is best to be upfront with the landlord. They may require references and a security deposit in order to rent the apartment.

Can your landlord require as a condition of renting an apartment to you a security deposit the first month's rent and the last month's rent in California?


Does section 8 require landlord to paint tenants apartment after five years?


Can your landlord require as a condition of renting an apartment to you a security deposit the first month's rent and the last month's rent?

In some States, yes, in others, no. Check out state and city landlord-tenant laws before you sign a lease and tender a check for such a large amount.

Is it nessary that if renting 3 bedroom apartment for 3 students all three should be above 18?

Yes, it's advisable - otherwise, the landlord could require a co-signer above age 18 to also sign the lease.

Do landlords require a letter for rent payment?

Not all do. The purpose of a letter for rent payment is basically something a landlord can require prior to renting an apartment to you. This letter basically just states that you paid your rent on time every month. It is just a method landlords use to verify your rental history.

Does all rentals require leases?

Not all rentals require leases. It is very possible to be renting on a month-to-month basis. The downside to this is that your landlord can raise your rent at any time or evict you whenever they want.

Can a landlord rent a property that has code violations?

In any situation, if there are code violations, the tenant needs to notify the landlord, and give him an opportunity to correct. Some municipalities require that a landlord get a Certificate of Occupancy from them before renting - check with your local building or health inspector. But, that is an issue between the town and the landlord, not usually the tenant.

Does the renter pay for his own utilities when renting or does the landlord pay?

That all depends on the landlord, and the local laws. Sometimes some utilities are included in the rent, sometimes they are not. For example, some places have laws that require landlords to provide water.

Can the landlord require renter insurance?

Yes! Your landlord can require anything he wants in the lease.

Do I need to purchase rental insurance for living in furnished apartments?

This depends on your landlord. Even if your landlord doesn't require renters insurance, you should buy a policy anyway, since you're going to have stuff of your own in your apartment.

Do you have to pay rent if the apartment has a problem?

You do if you have a lease agreement or f you stay in the apartment when you have no lease. There are conditions under which you can withhold rent, but these conditions vary from state to state and all require formal notice to the landlord about why the rest is withheld .

What legal documents are needed to rent an apartment?

To rent an apartment a person needs to have their social security number and some form of government issued photo ID. Most landlords will require past rental history and/or personal references.

Felon friendly housing in Salt Lake City?

Many larger apartment complexes require a background check, but you could easily rent a home or an apartment in a smaller building downtown without a clean background check. Just call and ask the landlord what their requirements are.

Does Landlord pay for hotel rental home uninhabitable?

Most U.S. states have statutes which require the landlord to provide a "reasonable accomodation" if the unit is declared uninhabitable. This means either a similar apartment, extended stay hotel (with a kitchen), or regular hotel room and a meal allowance.

May landlord require you to carry tenants insurance in order to rent?

Actually, this can be a requirement from your landlord.

8 What US cities do not require a state when listed on the References page?

What U.S. cities do not require a state when listed on the References page?

What does the landlord require to do after a tenant dies from health issues in the home before renting it out again?

The landlord must prepare the unit for rent as he would if the tenant moved out. In some states, if a tenant dies in the unit of a homicide or suicide, or was found in advanced decomp, the Landlord must state this to the potential tenant if such death occurred within the past eighteen months before any tenants move in, or the tenant can break the lease and sue the landlord for omission of a material fact.

Can you be charged first and last months rent and a seurity deposit when renting?

It is very common for a landlord/rental agency to require first and last months rent and a security/damage deposit. Check local/state renters laws to ensure your rights.

Can I rent a home with bad credit?

Yes, you can often rent with bad credit, the only bad part is sometimes the landlord will raise the security deposit to atleast a months rent if not more. Also renting with bad credit a landlord will sometimes require you to have somebody co-sign the lease with you incase you do not pay rent so they can still get their money from someone.

Where does a landlord keep a security deposit?

Most states require the landlord to place the deposit in an interest-bearing account, protected from his creditors.

Is landlord require to have ac in a rental unit?

I don't know of any state whose statutes require A/C.

Can you move in your own apartment at 18 with a co-signer in Nebraska?

At 18 years of age you are legally an adult and capable of signing contracts and other legal papers. However, the real question is, will the landlord be willing to rent to you? -In Nebraska you are not considered an adult until you are 19. So if you want to get an apartment they will require a co signer (if they allow it).

Why would a landlord request that he be named as an additional insured party on your renters insurance policy?

Renters insurance and the Additional InsuredIt is common to list the property owner as an additional insured, After all you are renting his property and have accepted certain liabilities for damages to the property. The reason a landlord would require this is in the event that a loss occurs and the tenant refuses to file claim, the landlord as an additional insured can call and file the claim for you. AnswerThat is a good question. You are right to be cautious ask your insurance agent.

Does a legal California one year lease require to contain landlord responsibilities?

The landlord has many responsibilities under the law. Whether they are spelled out in the lease or not doesn't change that. The lease can add responsibilities for the landlord.