What reflects light?

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a mirror and a piece of glass.

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When an object reflects light what color does it appear?

It appears to have the color[s] of the light that it reflects. -- Red sweaters reflect red light. -- Green grass reflects green light. -- The fur on blond dogs reflects blond light. -- Orange light reflects from the fruit of the same name. -- An object that reflects no light appears black.

Where does the moon receive the light that it reflects?

It reflects light from the sun.

What is the property that reflects light?

Reflectivity is the property that reflects light.

What reflects light upward?

Mirror reflects light upward

Does the moon reflects light?

Yes, it reflects light from the sun.

What object reflects light?

1) what objects reflects light?_______________________________ mirror

What reflects light to the specimen on a microscope?

The mirror, which can also be called the light source. It reflects the light.

What colour reflects light best?

White reflects color the best because light reflects every color.

do moon reflects light or emits?

it reflects

Which part of a cat's eye reflects light?

the tapetum lucidum is what reflects the light

What reflects light into a microscope?

Light reflects off a mirror to magnify an object.

What is the way a surface reflects light?

The way a surface reflects light is called luster.

What pigment reflects red and yellow light?

Chlorophyll reflects red and yellow light.

Which type of object reflects light best?

A mirror

How reflected light reflects again?

it reflects as before

What does a mirror do to light?

it reflects the light

True or false a solution which reflects white light absorbs all wavelenghts?

It is false that a solution that reflects white light absorbs all wavelengths. A solution that reflects white light reflects all wavelengths.

What is is called when light reflects off from an object?

An Object which reflects light is called an illuminous object. e.g) The Moon: Reflects off sunlight

Does a strawberry look red because it reflects or absorb light?

People say it reflects the light

Does the moon have light of its own?

Actually no. The Sun reflects light on the moon and the moon reflects it to us.

What are some things that light reflects off?

Light reflects off mirrors and glass objects

Which color reflects all the colors of light?

White reflects all other colors of light.

Which of the following surfaces reflects the most light?

Aluminum Foil

What makes the moon light up?

The suns light reflects it. ANSWER; The sun rays hits the moon and reflects light of consequence

Does the moon give off light or reflect it?

The moon reflects light just as any other object reflects light that falls upon it. Only about 7% of the light from the Sun is reflected off the moon's surface == ==The moon reflects the light from the sun.