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An A/C shop will know. The leak must be repaired before adding refrigerant.

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Q: What refrigerant is used in a 1994 Ford Aerostar?
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What type freon is used in 1997 Ford Aerostar?

In a 1997 Ford Aerostar : Refrigerant 134a is used

What type of refrigerant is used in a 1992 Ford Aerostar air conditioning?


What type freon need 1994 ford escort lx?

The 1994 Ford Escort LX uses R-134a Freon. This type of refrigerant was used in all Ford Escorts from 1994 through 2002.

What refrigerant is used in the AC of a 1995 Ford E350?

all vehicles from 1994 and up in the U.S. are required by federal standards to use 134A refrigerant.

What air conditioning refrigerant is used in a 1990 Ford Ranger?

R-12 R-134 started in 1994 IIRC on the Rangers

How do you repair a horn that does not work in a 1994 Ford Aerostar?

They are difficult and sometimes impossible to repair. Go to a salvage yard and buy a used horn. Cheapest way!

What is the refrigerant used for ac in a 1997 ford escort?

134a refrigerant

What type of antifreeze is used for ford Aerostar?

A Ford Aerostar would have come from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and GREEN color antifreeze ( meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A )

Which oil type is used for 94 ford aerostar?


What type of ac refrigerant is used in a 1994 323?

My girlfriend owns a 1994 323, and I am EPA certified for handling refrigerant. The 1994 uses R-12.

What type of refrigerant is used in a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?


What type of refrigerant is used on a 1998 Ford Escort?


What refrigerant was used in a 1989 Ford ranger?


Does the 1996 Ford Aerostar XLT have a Timing belt?

No , both the 3.0 and 4.0 liter Over Head Valve ( OHV ) engines used in a 1996 Ford Aerostar use ( 1 ) timing CHAIN

What type of air conditioner refrigerant is used for 1992 F150 Ford truck?

Ford F150 trucks came with R-12 until 1994. that is when they changed to R 134-A. Most vehicles that came with R-12 have been converted to R 134-A.

What freon type for 1994 Toyota 4unner?

Freon is the brand of a type of refrigerant. A 1994 Toyota 4Runner uses R-134a type refrigerant which is the modern fluid used in air-condition systems.

What refrigerant is used to Recharge ac in 1988 ford bronco?


What type of refrigerant is used in a 1994 Oldsmobile delta 88?


Should there be a gasket placed on the 1995 Ford Aerostar thernostat?

On a 1995 Ford Aerostar : If it is the 4.0L EFI V6 engine ( like my 1995 Ford EXPLORER ) it has an " O " ring for the thermostat , there is no gasket But , if it is the 3.0L V6 engine I believe a thermostat gasket is used

What air conditioning refrigerant is used in a 1998 Ford Ranger?

Should be R - 134a

What type of refrigerant is used in 1999 Ford Eddie Bauer Expedition?

r 134

What type of freon does a 2007 Ford Fusion take?

Freon is not used in automobiles any more. Refrigerant is used.

Refrigerant used in Saturn SL2 air conditionning?

Anything made after 1994 uses 134A.

What refrigerant is used in a 1984 Ford E-150?

In a 1984 Ford E-150 : R12 ( if it hasn't been retrofitted )

What type of refrigerant is used in a 2003 Ford Expedition air conditioning system?