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The child of your great great grandfather's brother is your first cousin, three times removed.

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Just as your dad's sister is your aunt, your grandfathers sister is your great aunt.

Your great grandfather's child is either your grandparent or your great aunt or great uncle.

Your grandfather's brothers would be the uncles of your parent. That would make them your great uncle.

Your great grandparents brothers and sisters are your great uncles and great aunts.

Your great great grandfather's first cousin is your first cousin, thrice removed (i.e. three times removed.)

Your great great great great grandfathers son is your great great great grandfather, or your first cousin five times removed.

yes they aqre there great great great great grandfathers were brothers of a family of 12 so there you go

He or she is your great-niece/nephew

depends on if ur neice is your brothers child if so the he would be the grandfather but if u have another brother then he would be its great uncle! ..

Your sister is great aunt to your daughter's child. The child is your sisters great nephew (if a boy) or great niece (if a girl).

Your child and your nephew are first cousins. Your child and your great nephew are first cousins, once removed.

You would be either the great aunt or uncle.

Your brother's granddaughter is your grand niece or great niece.

He would be your great great uncle, but you could call him whatever endearing name you both prefer. my great grandfathers brother or my great uncle

The great grandchildren of brothers are third cousins to one another, if their closest relation to one another is that of great-great-grandchildren of one ancestral couple.

At most, each person has: 1 Father 2 Grandfathers 4 Great-grandfathers 8 Great-great-grandfathers - etc. If there have been marriages between cousins, the number of individual ancestors may be reduced as one person fits tow or more places on the family tree.

You would be 2nd cousins....or your great uncle. you would be a great niece or nephew. Now if you didn't know the answer to your own question, you wouldn't be a very great niece or nephew ! :/

Lets explain this step by step as so many people get all this genealogy family stuff mixed up 1.Your Grandfathers niece(this would have to be your grandfathers brother(your great uncle),or sister(your great aunts)daughter to be your grandfathers niece. 2. This niece of your Grandfather would be the first cousin to your mother or father, 3. This niece would be your "SECOND COUSIN"

Your father's brother is your uncle. Your Grandfather's brother is your great uncle. Your Great Grandfather's brother is your great great uncle.

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