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Great niece's baby is your great-great niece or great-great nephew.

The system works like this:

  • Your niece's child is your great niece/nephew
  • Your great niece's child is your great great niece/nephew
  • Your great great niece's child is your great great great niece/nephew
  • Your great great great niece's child is your great great great great niece/nephew...
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Your great niece's son is your great great nephew.

Your grandmother's great nieces are your second cousins.

Your uncle is your children's great uncle and they are his great nieces and great nephews.

They are your great nephews and/or great nieces. Alternately, some people say grand-nephews, grand-nieces.

Your neice's children are your grandneices and grandnephews. You are their great aunt or great uncle.

They would be your great nephews and nieces.

Your niece's children are your great nieces and great nephews.

They are your grand-nephews and grand-nieces.

They are your grand-nephews and grand-nieces or great-nephews and great-nieces.

When a couple is married and the wife has nieces who are daughters of her brothers or sisters, those nieces are also the nieces of her husband. So your great grandmother's sister's husband could have great nieces who are related to you and also great nieces who are not related to you.Note that your great grandmother's sister is your great great aunt.The great nieces who are related to you are the grandchildren of the siblings of your great great aunt.Those could be your:parentauntfirst cousins, once removedsecond cousins, once removed

Your granddaughters and son have the relationship of nieces and uncle. Your granddaughters being his nieces and your son being their uncle.

The children of your grand nephew (or great nephew) are your great great nephews and great great nieces (depending on whether they are girls or boys).

Then he must be your nephew, the son of your sister or your brother.

Your nephew's children are your great nephews and great nieces (or grand nephews and grand nieces).

Your mother's nieces' children are your mother's grand nephews or grand nieces. They are your first cousins, once removed.

depends on if ur neice is your brothers child if so the he would be the grandfather but if u have another brother then he would be its great uncle! ..

Your half-brother's children are your nieces and nephews, or your half-nieces and half-nephews if you insist on being very precise.

The child of your nephew is your great nephew (if a son) or your great niece (if a daughter).

Your Great-Aunt/uncle, would be your parent's aunt/uncle. So, your grand nieces would be your nieces kids, and plus their kids would make you their Great-Great-Aunt/Uncle.

The children of your husband's siblings are your nieces or nephews. Their children are your great-nieces or great-nephews.

If your great uncle is the brother of one of your grandparents, his wife is your great aunt but their nephews and nieces onher side are not related to you. Those nieces and nephews (and their children the great nieces and great nephews) have no ancestor who is also one of yourancestors.

Your niece is the daughter of your sister. If you have more than one sister, you can have nieces who are also the nieces of your sister, since they are daughters of the other sister.

Your brother's nieces could be your daughters. They could also be your nieces, if they are daughters of your sister or another brother. Finally, they might not be related to you at all. That would be the case if they are the daughters of a brother or sister of your brother's wife.

Your mother's sister would be her great aunt.