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Your brother's grandchildren are your great nieces and great nephews. You are their great aunt or great uncle.

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What is the relationship between great grandchildren of brothers?

The great grandchildren of brothers are third cousins to one another, if their closest relation to one another is that of great-great-grandchildren of one ancestral couple.

What is the relationship between your sister's grandchildren and your grandchildren?

Your sister's grandchildren and your grandchildren are second cousins.

What is the relationship name for my brother's relationship to my grandchildren?

You brother is your grandchildren's great uncle or granduncle.Your grandchildren are your brother's grandnieces and grandnephews

What relationship do your grandchildren have with your grandniece?

Your grandchildren and your grandniece are second cousins to each other..

What is the relationship of your great aunt's grandchildren to you?

Your great aunt's grandchildren are your second cousins.

What is the relationship of you to your grandfather's cousin's grandchildren?

Your grandfather's first cousin's grandchildren are your third cousins.

What is the relationship of my grandchildren to my sister's grandchildren?

They would be cousins to some degree. They are 2nd cousins.

How are your sibling's children's children related to your children's children?

The name of the relationship between your grandchildren and your sibling's grandchildren is called being "second cousins." The genetic relationship between two families becomes smaller and smaller through each generation, but no matter how weak that relationship is, it's still counted as a blood relationship. Your grandchildren and your sibling's grandchildren share a pair of great grandparents.

What is the relationship of your grandchildren and your niece?

Your grandchildren and your niece are first cousins, once removed, to each other.

How do you spell great grandchildren?

The relationship term is usually hyphenated "great-grandchildren" (grandchildren's kids).

What was the relationship of Shirley Temple and her brothers?

she had a good relationship with her brothers....

What is relationship of two first cousin's grandchildren to each other?

The grandchildren of one of two first cousins are third cousins to the grandchildren of the other.

Has Julio Iglesias grandchildren?

yes, me and my 15 brothers and sisters :)

What was the relationship between the brothers?

a relationship between brothers should be sacred and good....

What is the relationship between you and your cousin's grandchildren?

Your first cousin's grandchildren are your first cousins, twice removed. Your second cousin's grandchildren are your second cousins, twice removed. And so forth.

How is the relationship between Betty White and her step children?

Betty White and her four grandchildren have a great relationship.

What relationship is your brothers granddaughter to you?

Your brothers granddaughter is your grandniece.

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