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Buddhism religion believes that all life is suffering

Buddhism religion believes that all life is suffering

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The Hindu religion and Buddhist religion all believe that. Yes, the Buddhist faith believes that life does not end with the physical death.

No. Hinduism believes that life is a great suffering is connected to one's Karma or Fate while Buddhism believes that a person's mind and body are connected so if a person follows the 8 fold path of Tathagata he/she will have no suffering at all. Life is a bliss in buddhism. Suffering occurs only when you fall out of the 8 fold path.

Many religions see all life as sacred. Modern practice however often differs drastically.

Of course there is suffering. God made it known that there will be suffering and if there is in your life know that its all in Gods will.

The role they played in religion was by sharing all believes

Buddhism explains that all life is suffering and there is no justice in the world because it is all an illusion. Hinduism can't say much. Jesus explains that the suffering of this world is nothing compared to the eternal joy that awaits the believer in heaven and in the new earth. He also says that suffering is a result of our desire to rebell against God and follow our own desires, which is not the be with Him. Therefore, suffering is a result of our sin.

All theistic religions believe in a god or gods.

Raelism is a religion that believes that all humans came from humaniods called the Elohim.

Muslims, according to Islam religion, believes in:the oneness of God, with no partner, no son, no fatherall God prophets, angels, and holy books,the day of judgment,the destiny, andthe other eternal life

.Roman Catholic AnswerI don't believe there are any similarities at all. The religion of ancient Rome tended to absorb all the gods of any people they conquered. The Catholic religion is based on Judaism and believes that the Messiah came in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. The Catholic religion is thus Christianity and only believes in one God, while the Roman religion was polytheistic.

No. Islam is monotheistic religion. As Muslim believes Allah in the only creator of the heaven and earth, and all that exist.

If you ask an Atheist: Finding bad reasons for what one believes for other bad reasons, creating unnecessary conflict amongst people. One of Religion: A way to find your purpose in life in which you do all things.

there are all sorts of religion and you can have any religion you believe in i say go for it all and be what you want to be it is your life

she is Muslim as in believes in all the rophets including Jesus, Muhammed etc.

The Four Noble Truths are:All life is sufferingAll suffering is caused by DesireAll suffering (and desire) can be endedThis end is acheived by following the Eightfold Path

Life is very painful because of our desires. If a persons desire is not completed he suffers and feels painful.Buddha pondered this same question and formalized his understanding of life and suffering in te Fur Noble Truths.The Four Noble Truths are:All life is sufferingAll suffering is caused by DesireAll suffering (and desire) can be endedThis end is acheived by following the Eightfold Path

He actually believes in all religions per say. He thinks there are pros and cons about all of them. So yeah he does.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) believes in God oneness, all God prophets, all God holy books including Quran, God angels, the resurrection day and 2nd eternal life, and God destiny. Prophet believes in all what he called for in Islam religion. \ Refer to question below.

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