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Q: What religion did Henry VIII like?
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What religion was Henry VIII's daughter Elizabeth?

Elizabeth was the Protestant religion.

Henry VIII created what?

A new religion, following him.

What is Henry religion?

Henry VIII was a catholic but then founded the Church of England after disputes with the Pope.

Was Henry VIII religious?

It depends how you look at it. Henry was a Catholic until the Pope refused to grant Henry a divorce. So Henry set up his own church, the Church of England, with Henry being in charge of it.

What did King Henry VIII do that impacted the world?

Changed the religion of England.

What role did religion play in Henry VIII court?

Power politics

Why is Henry VIII rememberd?

He changed religion, and showed no respect to the Pope.

What religion was Henry VIII before his reign?

He was born a Roman Catholic

What religion was King Henry viii when he became king?

Roman Catholic

Who were Henry VIII's famous executions excluding his wives?

One would be Thomas More, who was a great friend of Henry VIII but refused to become a protestant - the religion Henry was enforcing.

What was Henry VIII family like?

Henry the VIII family was not so very good

Influence of Henry VIII and Anglican church?

Henry VIII was excommunicated from the church for divorcingCatherine of Argon, so he started his own religion to marry Anne Bolyen