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It was mostly the Church of England up until 1778, other religions prospered, including Christianity and the Protestant Church, but they weren't as wide spread as the Church of England.

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Why was south carolina colony founded?

For freedom of religion

What was the main religion of the South Carolina colony?


What role did religion have in South Carolina colony?


What was the religon in South Carolina?

South Carolina was a royal colony, so the primary religion was centered around the Church of England - Anglicanism.

What was the dominant religion in South Carolina in the early 1700s?

The dominant religion in the South Carolina colony in the 1700s was Anglican. There were other faiths in existence there and all religions were mostly tolerated.

What was the religion in the colony of South Carolina?

South Carolina had freedom of religion, although most residents were Protestant and the Church of England was the official church of the colony. There were also significant numbers of Presbyterians and Congregationalists. At the time of the revolution, there were more Jews in South Carolina than anywhere else in the New World.

Is the colony South Carolina a state?

South Carolina is a state. and the colony isn't.

When was South Carolina made a colony?

The South Carolina Colony, or Province of South Carolina, was originally part of the Province of Carolina, which was chartered in 1663.

What religion was practiced in South Carolina?

what religion was practiced in South Carolina

Is South Carolina a southern colony?

Yes south carolina is a southern colony... Hints the name SOUTH carolina.. Lol hope this helps.... *Twinkles* :)

When did colonial South Carolina become a royal colony?

South Carolina became a royal colony in 1729.

What colony is south of Virginia?

North Carolina was the colony that shared Virginia's southern border. But South Carolina and Georgia were also south of Virginia.

What French Protestant settler in south Carolina colony?

south carolina

Why was the colony of South Carolina founded?

At first Carolina was a single colony. However, the settlements were far apart, and it was hard to govern them. In 1712, the colony separated into North and South Carolina.

Was colonial south carolina a royal colony?

South Carolina was considered to be a royal colony. The royal period for South Carolina lasted between 1730 and the mid 1760s.

What role did religion play in the colony South Carolina?

it played a big role because it affected how government worked

What number colony was South Carolina?

12th colony

What colony was nicknamed the rice colony?

South Carolina

Was South Carolina the third colony?

no it was the 10th colony

What was the religion in South Carolina in 1700?

The religion of the Natives in South Carolina in the 1700 was called Animism.

Where is the south carolina colony located?

South Carolina is located between North Carolina, and Georgia!

What was before South Carolina?

Before there was a South Carolina colony, there was a Carokina colony. Carolina was divided in 1722 because it was too large to govern well.

What year did South Carolina become a colony?

South Carolina became a colony in 1712 but not legally it just split from Northern CarolinaBy: LAUREN MAXWELL

What colony is located south of Virginia?

North Carolina ,south Carolina, and Georgia

How did colony of south carolina prosper?

The colony of South Carolina prospered because of the British West Indies. South Carolina developed close economic ties with them, which helped them with exports.