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What religion does Joe Trohman practice?

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he is Jewish

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Does Joe Trohman smoke?

yes. Joe Trohman smokes its gross but he may quit.pleeeeeeeeeas! Joe!

How tall is joe trohman?

Joe Trohman is 5' 9 to 5' 10.

When was Joe Trohman born?

Joe Trohman was born on September 1, 1984.

How much does Joe Trohman weigh?

Joe Trohman weighs around 180 lbs.

What guitar does joe trohman play?

Washburn Joe Trohman Idols, and Custom Telecasters.

How old is Joe Trohman?

Joe Trohman is 32 years old (birthdate: September 1, 1984).

How old is Andy Trohman?

Andy Hurley is 28 and Joe Trohman is 24.

What nicknames does Joseph Trohman go by?

Joseph Trohman goes by Joe, Trohmania, and Joey.

Is joe trohman a Christian?

no is Jewish

Is joe trohman engaged?


What school did Joe Trohman go to?

Joe Trohman attended New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois with Pete Wentz.

Does joe trohman have a dog?

Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, not only has a dog, her name is Succah, but he also has a cat. His name is Mr. B.

Does joe trohman smoke weed?

yes he does...

Is joe trohman getting married?

yes he is.

How Is the tallest In Fall Out Boy?

Joe Trohman.

Who is Andy Trohman?

ha funny. Andy Trohman doesn't exist, but Andy Hurley does. He does the drumming for the Band Fall out boy. you probably got the last name Trohman from Joe Trohman who does guitar for Fall out boy.

Does Joe Trohman do pot?

Yes, he smokes weed.

Does Joe Trohman have a girlfriend?

Yes, her name is Marie.

Is Joe Trohman gay?

no but he does support gay marriage

Who is the youngest member in Fall out boy?

Joe Trohman

Is joe trohman married?

nooo, only have a girlfriend

Who is the lead guatarist for Fall Out Boy?

Joe Trohman

Who is Joe Trohman dating?

His wonderful girlfriend, Marie. Who he is engaged to. =)

Is joe trohman engaded?

Yes. I don't know who to though.

Is joe trohman a virgin?

i dont think so y u want a bit of joe?