What religion is Lady Gaga?

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She was raised Roman Catholic and attended Catholic school.
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Where is Lady Gaga from from?

She was born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City in New York, USA.

Where is Lady Gaga from?

Manhattan, New York. Gaga says that the worst rumor about her is that she is from Yonkers.

Is Lady Gaga secretly an old lady?

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is currently (2012) 26 years old. As far as ethnic background, she's Italian. But she wasn't born in italy. She lived in New York for most of her life with her parents, and moved downtown to broadway when she was 19. She currently has no home of her ( Full Answer )

How was Lady Gaga born as a man and a lady?

False, that was a rumor about her. She said herself on TV "that's bullsh*t" she's a woman, was born a woman, with a vayjayjay and tatas. Never had a weener between her legs , will never have one.

Has Lady Gaga ever had a penis?

No, it was just a rumor. Lady Gaga has been a girl for her whole life! WikiAnswers does not spread rumors nor speculate about living persons. No, she is female.

Why did Lady Gaga get plastic surgery?

Lady Gaga has denied all the rumors of plastic surgery. She hasactually made several statements about being happy with yourself inany form you may take and celebrating your perceived flaws.

Did lady gagas sister die?

NO! Her sister is called Natalie and she is not dead! She is in the video for Telephone.

How many Lady Gaga cds are there?

There are 5 CD's so far, The Fame, The Fame Monster, The Remix, Born This Way, Born This Way Exclusive Edition There is also Lady Gaga - One Sequin At A Time, which is a documentary DVD.

Why does Lady Gaga dress strangely?

It might appear strange to you, but to her it is perfectly alright and looks good, which is why she dresses that way. Why does Lady Gaga dress so strangly because I don't understand that why she dresses that way with stuff on her eye it does not look good.

Lady Gaga is an awesome singer?

lady gaga is an extra awesome singer her voice is very nice that she's got more than a hundred billion fans all around the world !!! I Love Lady Gaga !

Who is is lady gagas boyfriend?

She used to be on and off with her ex-boyfriend, Luc Carl, for whom she wrote the song You and I. She is currently with Taylor Kinney, who played a part in the music video of You and I.

Where does Lady Gaga live as of 2010?

Manhattan, New York. She travels around from hotel to hotel keeping to herself and writing music. She has grown up in New York, too.

Did Lady Gaga go to NYU?

Yes Lady GaGa did go to NYU.Actually she was one of the 20 people in the world to be accepted to NYU art/music program at the age of 17.

Did Lady Gaga come to Montreal?

Yes, I have seen some Youtube videos of her performing concerts in Montreal. She was there for Monster Ball, so I would have to bet she probably had a Fame Ball concert there as well. Hope that helps. :) If you want to see videos of Gaga in Montreal just go to Youtube.com and look up something like ( Full Answer )

Is Lady Gaga the oldest child?

Figuratively, quite possibly yes( I think so at least). Technically, no. The oldest child was born centuries, even millenniums ago. You might want to do some more research to make sure.

What is good about Lady Gaga?

she is her own indepenent person! she's original and can't replaced. She has an amazing personality. She can play the piano well. She writes good songs that you have to think about to figure out

What episode of the sopranos was Lady Gaga on?

I just started watching the series to find out, havent got very far in yet, it bores me. But if i find out before you get an answer i shall let you know

Does Lady Gaga have genuine talent?

i think she does. ;D i mean, i know thers lots of editing and shizz involved. but theres got to be a bit of talent there. its not ALL fake. and she's said that she made her way to the top by singing in clubs and stuff to earn money and get big. theres no way she could have faked it all back then?

What song's does Lady Gaga sing?

Lady GaGa sings Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, The Fame, Dance in the Dark, So Happy I could Die, Alejandro, Teeth, Telephone, Monster, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Starstruck, Speechless and a ton of others and they're all AWESOME!!!! GO GAGA!!!! :-D

The Lady Gaga go to gail?

I know Lady GaGa did not go to jail.I never heard anything on the situation, but ive leaned about Lady GaGa for years and i have never heard anything on her going to jail so the answer is no Lady GaGa did not go to jail.

Lady Gaga list of songs?

Songs of the 1st album, THE FAME: *Just Dance (feat. Colby O' Donis & RedOne) *LoveGame *Paparazzi *Poker Face * Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) *Beautiful, Dirty, Rich *The Fame *Money Honey *Boys Boys Boys *StarStruck (feat. Space CowBoy & FloRida) *Paper Gangsta *Brown Eye ( Full Answer )

What about lady gaga?

lady gaga is very hot and sexy she focused in all world she is so incrsed in aa world

What songs has Lady Gaga covered?

Stand by Me Viva la Vida Someone to Watch Over Me White Christmas Imagine During a recent performance of Born This Way Ball Tour she sang a few verses of "Part of your World" from 'The Little Mermaid'

Is Lady Gaga have a guy part?

Lady gaga does not have ant male parts. she is 100% female and has only female parts. so dont believe that she has man parts

Was Lady Gaga fat when she was a man?

Lady Gaga was never a man they're are pictures of her when she was a little girl but she was mad fun of her weight when she was a Little girl and was a little bit fat but then she lost a lot of weight and is skinny.

How old is lady gagas boyfriend?

She currently doesn't have a boy friend except that she likes someone in Greece. We do not know how old he is. Right now she is single.

Who is Lady Gagas boyfrenid?

Lady Gaga used to date a guy named Speedy but then, they broke up. She also had another one that I don't know his name but she killed him and went to jail at the end of the paparazzi video. If you watch it, you will see him. You can watch it at youtube.

Is Lady Gaga spanish or American?

Lady Gaga is not Spanish or American. Lady Gaga is Italian. Her parents are Italian but she was born in New York.

Is not fair played by Lady Gaga?

No it is played by Lily Allen i should know because i am lady gaga! StephaniGermanotta@googlemail.com

Did Lady Gagas mom die?

No Stepanie's (lady gagas real name) mom and dad are still alive she is very close to her parents.

Is Lady Gaga satanist?

No, Lady gaga is definitely not satanist. Whoever thought that was the case was obviously high on pot or on steroids.

What insects have shells and why is Lady Gaga a lady?

Well A snail has a shell so does a beetle there are many more but I will not answer them.... You should know why Lady Gaga is a lady... She was born a woman, is a woman, will always be a woman. and her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Why is Lady Gaga name gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name from the Queen song 'Radio Gaga' it was one of her favourite songs and she described herself as a bit eccentric and her friends and family thought gaga was a good nickname for her.

Why did Lady Gaga have the name gaga?

Gaga was in the process of trying to come up with a stage name when she received a text message from Rob Fusari (producer) that read "Lady Gaga." He explained, "Every day, when Stef came to the studio, instead of saying hello, I would start singing 'Radio Ga Ga'. That was her entrance song" and th ( Full Answer )

How did Lady Gaga get the name 'Gaga'?

In late 2005 or early 2006, after noticing her singing voice was similar to that of Freddy Mercury, Rob Fusari (Gaga's then manager and boyfriend), named her Lady Gaga, which was inspired by the Queen song, "Radio GaGa".

Why does Lady Gaga prefer gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name "Gaga" from a song by Queen called "Radio Gaga" and she does not really know how it became "Lady Gaga". So she prefers Gaga because it was the original. Also because shes wild and fun and gaga means crazy so naturaly she chose it.

Is lady gaga really the lady of fun?

No, she is illogical, and immoral with her words. She does good sounds and beats, but, the words should be redone.

Who is Lady Gaga?

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), known better as Lady Gaga, is a popular American recording artist. She began playing in clubs in the New York City area while also working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for several established acts. After hearing her sing, Akon convin ( Full Answer )

How did Lady Gaga get lady?

The person she used to sing with her name was Lady Starlight and then Gaga was from the song Radio Gaga.

What did lady gaga gaga die from?

Very simple answer: SHE IS ALIVE STUPID! She just released a new album and has had a concert recently in 2011! not to be rude

Is lady gaga is a pure lady?

I'm not sure what "pure lady" is supposed to mean in this context. But yes, she's a woman 100%. And was born a girl.

Why did Lady Gaga ban Lady Googoo?

Because they were using her image without permission and harming it. And for the haters, calm down and take a chill pill. She's awesome, and you'll never get not even a little piece of everything she has. Btw, her sense of humor is great. Get to know her before hating on her.

Why does Lady Gaga wants to be called ' Lady Gaga '?

One day when GaGa came into the studio to record, her manager sent her a text message speaking of Radio GaGa, a song that GaGa loves. It was auto-corrected to Lady GaGa and the name stuck.