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Buddhism is the religion. Buddhist practice Buddhism.

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Buddhsm was introduced during the Han dynasty

They practice Islam religion.

This practice was invented by they Buddhism religion.

They practice Roman Catholic religion

Jewish people practice a religion called "Judaism"

It is entirely up to you, how seriously you wish to practice your religion.

they practice the religion of pakarah, a ancient religion that revolves around the sun as the centerpiece of life.

I guess you ment " what religion do hindu's practice?" If so, it is Hinduism.

Europeans mostly study (practice) the catholic religion.

1.82 billion people practice the Islam religion

For the same reason Christians or anyone else practice religion.

my bet is she's too smart to practice any religion...

They built temples to practice in them

The Vietnamese practice Buddhism

He does not practice any religion.

the religion of Aztec's is they practice sacrifice

Which ever religion they please.

what religion did the tongva practice

He was Catholic but was did not practice the religion.

Traditional tribal religion.

Panama's most common religion practice is Roman Catholicism.

Yes, they are permitted to practice whatever religion they want.

Any religion that they want to practice. There is total religious freedom.

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