What religion should you be in?

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I think you can follow any religion because every religion teaches good values and lessons which are really helpful in life. According to me humanity is the best religion.


Think about your own morals and what you already know instinctively to be right and wrong, research a mob of religions (what they are meant to do, not what they actually do), and you tell me the only one which doesn't go against what you already know to be right.


If your question is what religion should you follow, then the answer is simply the one that demonstrates and consistently maintains truth, compassion, righteousness, respect and unprejudiced appreciation for all of God's creation.

Another view: U said it, "be in" but not "be of"

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Q: What religion should you be in?
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What should be the priority- religion or country?

religion should always be first.

Which religion should you believe in also which religion is right?

Islam is the right religion and the one you should follow

Should people make a display of their religion?

People should not make a show of their religion ,they should practice it.

Should a religion play a role in the government?

No. No, no, no. Absolutely not. Government has to be, or should be, religion neutral.

Do you think the religion should be basis of nation?

this country is based on freedom of religion, or freedom FROM religion if desired. Religion is a very personal exercise and should not be connected with the nation.

Why is Islam religion important to you?

All religion should be abolished.

Why should everyone belong to the same religion?

A:Everyone should belong(although without compulsion) to the same religion, whatever that religion is, if there is provable and unarguable evidence that that religion is both true and the only true religion. In the absence of such evidence, everyone should be free to choose what religion, if any, that he or she belongs to.

Should religion be banned in India?

Should be a world wide ban, religion is the cause of most wars.

What is the name for the idea that government should be separate from religion?

Secularism A Idea That Goverment Should Be Separate From Religion.

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No one should dictate religion.

What can be done to prevent terrorism?

somthing should be done.. like we should respect every religion ...and we should not hate or somthing wrong to person due to his religion.. parents should get aware to their children that u should love ur religion but u should respect other religion also......... by awaking their sens of humor we can prevent it..........

What should you write in your speech about religion?

In your specah about religion first you should tell about the origin and basic history of religion and then you should mainly emphasize on its teaching as every religion of the world have some good thoughts to diliver its followers so that they can live their life fruitfully and moraly so you should tell what that religion think about life and its way to live

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