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What religion was colonial Pennsylvania?


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The religion Colonial Pennsylvania was made for was the Quakers.

The above is somewhat of a half-truth. Yes, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, who was in fact a Quaker, but Pennsylvania was not created solely for the Quakers (Society of Friends). Penn viewed his colony as a "religious experiment" where any and all religions were welcome. Of the many that prospered here, German Reformists, Calvinists, Moravians, and Mennonites remain some of the more well-known during the colonial era. To answer your original question, Colonial Pennsylvania did not have an established church, but instead was considered a place where anyone could practice their faith freely.


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The religion of Colonial Pennsylvania was Christian.

Colonial Pennsylvania was founded by the Quakers. The society was tolerant of other religions, but the Society of Friends was the main religion.

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There was religious freedom in colonial Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn in 1681 and was originally based on religious freedom for the Quakers.

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