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the main religions in France are:
- Christian Catholics 62 %
- Muslims 6 %
- Protestants 2 %
- Jewish 1 %
- saying they have no religion 26 %


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Every religion is actually practiced in France. This is because France is known as an multi confessional country. This means all religions are respected and allowed to be practiced.

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The religions practiced in Panama are Roman Catholic and Evangelical Christian.

the main religions in France are: - Christian Catholics 62 % - Muslims 6 % - Protestants 2 % - Jewish 1 % - saying they have no religion 26 %

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The major religion of France has traditionally been Catholicism. However, freedom of religion is guaranteed in France and there are many religions present there. In modern times the French aren't very religious with a very high proportion of the population claiming to be Atheist.

Do you mean languages spoken or religions practiced

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The religion practiced in ancient china was pooping pigs.

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