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The Dutch reformed church was originally of the highest popularity beliefs include:

1. Followed Calvinist views

2. Church was under central control in Holland

3. Followed the protestant standard

Prominent religion became the Anglican church after England took control over New Hampshire in 1679, beliefs include:

1. Followed the will of the English King

2. Preached loyalty to society

3. Also followed the protestant reformation

Protestant trinitarian Christians. Others need not apply. That was coupled with an un-official Laissez faire attitude about religion in the mold of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which implicitly exempted discrimination on the grounds of Overtly Observed Rituals if the skills and abilities were essential for the colony. Catholics came, Unitarians came, Puritans came, Quakers came and possibly a hidden Jew, Muslim or Albanian Orthodox who had the skills and the tools needed to make glass, forge iron, weld tin, dye wool, tan leather or tell the difference between pyrite and gold.

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Q: What religions were practiced in colonial New Hampshire?
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