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What religions were practiced in colonial New Hampshire?


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The Dutch reformed church was originally of the highest popularity beliefs include:

1. Followed Calvinist views

2. Church was under central control in Holland

3. Followed the protestant standard

Prominent religion became the Anglican church after England took control over New Hampshire in 1679, beliefs include:

1. Followed the will of the English King

2. Preached loyalty to society

3. Also followed the protestant reformation

Protestant trinitarian Christians. Others need not apply. That was coupled with an un-official Laissez faire attitude about religion in the mold of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which implicitly exempted discrimination on the grounds of Overtly Observed Rituals if the skills and abilities were essential for the colony. Catholics came, Unitarians came, Puritans came, Quakers came and possibly a hidden Jew, Muslim or Albanian Orthodox who had the skills and the tools needed to make glass, forge iron, weld tin, dye wool, tan leather or tell the difference between pyrite and gold.


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mostly orthodox and pietisic but also many other religions

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Farming was a challenge in colonial New Hampshire because of the soil. The soil found in colonial New Hampshire was rocky and not fit for crops.

The main religion in colonial New Hampshire was Puritan.

Colonial New Hampshire was envisioned to be a new place for trade and business.

They practiced slavery and different religions. The most comon religion was the Protestant religion.

the climate was cold and damp in New Hampshire.

The economy of Colonial New Hampshire was based on two things. One was manufacturing, and the other was industry. Ship building was a common trade in New Hampshire.

Slaves began living in colonial New Hampshire around the year 1654

Some colonial New Hampshire jobs included fisherman, trapper, logger, shipbuilder, or fur salesperson.

the majority of people that settled in New Hampshire were British.

New Hampshire was founded by John Mason and John Wheelwright.

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Was established in 1623.

The climate in colonial New Hampshire was very cold and snowy in the winter, yet very hot in the summer.

Slaves were treated ok, but they were not imposed. They didnt have much slaves in colonial New Hampshire though.

Some colonial New Hampshire jobs included fisherman, trapper, logger, shipbuilder, or fur salesperson.

there is a good amount of religions practiced all over the world. in New England states they practice mainly Mormon, or catholic

In 1623 slavery was legal and practiced in New Hampshire justs as in the rest of the British Empire.

There are six religions in New Hampshire. The six religions are Roman Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, and Puritans.

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The White Mountains cover at least 1/4 of New Hampshire.

Trinitarian Protestant Christians.

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