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Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and gypsies.

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Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

YES, The Holocaust victims did consist polish people.

That should be "How did the people that WERE INVOLVED in the Holocaust pick THEIR victims?" Moron.

They were victims in the way that they were persecuted and killed.

Most Holocaust victims were all ages, from newborns and unborns to 100 year olds.

Most of the holocaust victims were either shot, execution style, or gassed with Hydrogen Cyanide.

there were many many victims mainly jewis people

presumably you mean by the Catholics against the Jews; it was called the Holocaust. Though what happened in Yugoslavia was independent of the Holocaust, the victims are counted in with the victims of the Holocaust.

They - about six million of them - were the victims.

They are usually referred to as Holocaust victims.

The Holocaust itself had no religion as it was not a person, but the perpetrators were Christian and the victims were Jews.

The main victims of the Holocaust were people of the Jewish religion. There were other victims, but the Natzis were mainly focused on the Jewish religion when the Holocaust began.

The were no Holocaust victims or survivors on board the Wilhelm Gustloff. The Nazis did not try to transport Jews to safety.

The Nazis took all the valuables. ____ The victims' personal possessions were seized by the SS, sorted and sold or recycled. Some of the proceeds were used to pay for the Holocaust. (There was no budget for the Holocaust).

The same people who started the whole Holocaust thing.

it was not, the Holocaust was much more organised and the victims clearly defined.

Most Holocaust victims died through gas poisoning.

There are the physical remains, the documents and the testimony of those who perpetrated the Holocaust and of the victims.

Well known holocaust victims include Elizabeth Rothschild, Maria Skobtsova, and Leslie Howard.

No religions died, but people of the Jewish faith died.

About one quarter of the 6 million victims (that is 1.5 million) were children.

The Holocaust was not a place to visit. The Holocaust was perpetrated by Christians against Jews. There were also, of course some Christian victims.

About half the victims were female.

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