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Which act of congress introduced prohibition?

The Volstead Act.

What were 3 religious things that affected the Israelites' diet?

1) The prohibition of shellfish 2) The prohibition of pork 3) The prohibition of mixing meat and dairy.

In 1933 Congress repealed Prohibition with which Amendment?

21st Amendment

What did Congress repealed Prohibition with In 1933?

the twenty first amendment.

Was prohibition backed by many groups of the US' religious community?

yes As it was considered the "work of the devil".They pressured Congress to pass laws outlawing anything that they felt brought about the destruction of the family

Who tended to be suppoters of prohibition?

Protestants, rural residents, members of the KKK, very religious people, and opponents of immigration tended to support prohibition.

What was the amendment was passed by Congress in 1917 that made prohibition law?

I have NO Idea! Sorry

Which amendment was passed by congress in 1919 that made prohibition law?

18th amendment.

Who was the president when prohibition was passed in the US?

Woodrow Wilson. He actually vetoed the Volstead Act, also the National Prohibition Act, but Congress overrode his veto.

Who started prohibition?

If you are speaking of the the US Prohibition from 1919-1933, the prohibition of alcohol was passed as the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution by Congress over the veto of then President Woodrow Wilson as a result of pressure from the temperance movement.

Which act by congress extended the constitutional prohibition amendment to beer and wine?

Volstead Act

Why did Prohibition begin?

Prohibition began because the Temperance Movement placed pressure on lawmakers to pass the 18th Amendment which banned alcoholic beverages. See Related Links.

Is it true or false prohibition led to a major decrease in the consumption of alcohol in the 1920s and a rise in religious conscientious?

It is false that prohibition led to a major decrease in the consumption of alcohol in the 1920's. It is also false that it led to a rise in religious conscientious.

What is the religious affiliation of UCLA?

What was the most common religious affiliation in the 108th Congress?

What is the prohibition clause?

The prohibition clause was set so as to stop the Congress from giving one religion preference above others. It requires that all religions be viewed in the same perspective.

What restrictions are placed on members of congress?

Restrictions that are placed on members of Congress include not being able to pass no ex-post facto laws. In addition, Congress cannot suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus.

Can a widow marry her brother-in-law?

There is no legal prohibition. In some cultures there may be a religious prohibitions.

In 1906 the publication of the jungle by Upton Sinclair led Congress to?

In 1906, the publication of the jungle by Upton Sinclair led Congress to put in place stronger prohibition laws.

What do the call the records they keep in congress?

The records kept about congress are placed in a publication called the Congressional Record.

What is the largest religious denomination in congress?

Roman Catholics

How did the war effort help the passage of the Prohibition Amendment?

In 1917, Congress passed an act that controlled the materials that may be needed for the war effort. This included the grains used to make alcohol. This along with the general anti-alcohol view in Congress led to the eventual passage of the Prohibition Amendment.

Why did Congress order the motto In God We Trust be placed on American currency?

Congress ordered the motto to be used on coins first in 1908 (though the penny and nickel were excluded) but was first used on coins before that in response to increased religious passion during and following the American Civil war, it was required in 1955 by act of congress to be on all American coins and currency to differentiate the generally religious people of the US from the atheistic people in communist countries.

The Indian National Congress was dominated by members of what religious faith?

It was the Hindus who dominated Indian National congress.

What happened to the mummys organs?

The organs were placed in religious jars.

Can religious Jews drink alcohol?

Yes, there is no prohibition against the consumption of alcohol in Judaism. In fact, alcohol (primarily wine) plays an integral part of some religious observance.

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