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What have you done so far? Have you checked the brake fluid level?

2007-11-24 03:31:06
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How do you tighten a handbrake on saxo?

On a Saxo, the handbrake can sometimes come loose and needs to be tightened. To do so, first turn the engine on and place your foot on the brake. Push in the handbrake button and then pull up on the handbrake until tension is felt. Repeat as needed.

What could cause the engine to intermittently die on a 1993 Plymouth acclaim with a 2.5 liter engine?

Timing belt

What causes engine drag when accelerating?

dirty fuel filter

What are the signs when a fuel filter needs changing?

Engine cuts out intermittently, runs rough.

Can a faulty crankshaft sensor in my vauxhall astra be the cause of the engine intermittently cutting out?


89 Volvo 740 GL 200000 miles intermittently stalls but starts fine and within about 20 minutes of a trip the engine will just shut off even with your foot on the gas accelerating. What could it be?

Try reaching underneth to gently tap the fuel pump with a stick.

Engine stalls when accelerating?

The engine is choking. My '89 did it. Check the throttle body. It might need cleaned out.

How can you tell when a car is accelerating?

The engine usually gets louder? Shift+/

Why does small engine stall when accelerating?

Lack of fuel it needs to operate

When accelerating car starts puttering?

It is very likely you have something wrong with your engine.

What does it mean if engine revs when accelerating?

Manuel transmission? You need a new clutch.

What causes black puffs of smoke when accelerating diesel engine?

unburnt fuel

Why does your suburban want to die when accelerating?

On my engine,the accelerator pump on the Carb is going bad, 350 engine with quadrajet carb

Why does my type four kombi engine smoke intermittently?

This engine could have burnt rings in it. There also could be an old leak which is running down on the manifold which would cause the engine to smoke.

What causes car to be sluggish when accelerating?

Slow engine RPM is the main reason a car may be sluggish while accelerating. However, it also could be due to the oil.

What causes the engine of a 94 Mazda b4000 to jerk when accelerating?

Replace the fuel filter.

When accelerating car feel like its not going to make it?

You may have something wrong with your engine.

Just bought a 2012 Kia Soul and there is beeping coming from under the hood. What is this?

Have you checked the handbrake or the engine temp.

How do you take the automatic handbrake off when battery is flat - vauxhall insignia?

The battery is dead, you are going nowhere so why take the handbrake off. But, if you insist, just connect a good battery to the dead battery and jump start the engine.

Why is that engine revs can not increase when accelerating on a yd 25 engine?

Could be a restriction in the exhaust such as a catalytic converter that has had a meltdown. If the check engine light is or has illuminated, check the codes.

What would cause your 1994 351 engine to increase or decrease rpms intermittently while idling and driving?

air leek

How do you know when motor mounts in a 2002 dodge neon needs replacement?

If your engine jumps when accelerating, or when certain noises are made when engine torques.

What causes an engine rattle in a 1999 Oldsmobile when accelerating?

Auroras use only premioum gass

What could cause my Ford focus to have trouble accelerating while the engine light is on?

You have no wheels. - Geoff

Will the transmission cause your 99 ford expedition bog down and sputter when accelerating 4.6liter?

will the transmission causes my 1999 ford expedition to bog down & sputter when accelerating the 4.6liter engine.