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Go to this website and you can buy an original factory remote at a better price than dealership.

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2007-05-11 02:48:48
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Q: What replacement keyless remote will work for a 1996 Mercedes Benz E230?
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What does the 1996 Maxima keyless remote do?

keyless systems don't require you to put the key in the ignition, you can leave it in your pocket and hit the start button

What battery does 1996 Mercedes E320 does remote entry use?


Program remote keyless entry on 1996 Chevrolet pickup?

To program a remote keyless entry on 1996 Chevrolet pickup, first hold down the power unlock button of the door panel. Second, turn ignition key ON, OFF, ON, OFF. Then release power unlock button on the door panel.

Where is the remote keyless entry module on a 1996 Saturn SL2?

Pass. side rear, behind shoulder strap of seatbelt

Where is remote keyless entry module in a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

These models (1996 and 1997 I know about) do not have keyless entries when they come of the production line. If one does, it is dealer installed. The box can be found under the instrument panel, somewhere behind the parking brake pedal.

Just bought a jeep Cherokee 1996 limited what is that little black dome in the overhead console?

That sounds like your keyless remote sensor.

1996 Honda civic ex keyless entry remote will not open passenger door. any ideas?

Try it manually, with the actual key. If it opens that way, then the remote sending unit is defective.

How do you get a replacement key for a 1996 Mercedes Benz e320?

The Dealer. With remote about $150, without remote $20, new battery for remote $10 (google it). Most dealers carry the remote housing that your key "blade" portion and electronics can be transfered to. Cost is about $20 to $30. If this about a key with remote that is no longer working check to see if it is properly synced with the car (see you owners manual), very easy to do.

What is the battery for a 1996 ford explorer keyless entry?

Each remote takes ( 2 ) coin style 3 volt lithium batteries ( # 2016 )

How do you program a remote keyless entry for a 1996 Cutlass Supreme SL?

Try: It has instructions for 1997-2000 models, perhaps they'll work with the 1996 model. Good luck!

DYI 1996 Mercedes E 300 front disk pad replacement?

I need to replace the front disk pads on my 1996 MB E300

The remote keyless entry system the door key pad and the auto door lock stopped working on your 1996 ford explorer What could be the problem?

Check fuses

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